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Best Brick Paver Sealer

Brick Paver Sealer

Brick Paver Sealer

Brick Paver Patios and landscaping blocks have become increasingly popular in the last 10-20 years. They offer an alternative to regular plain white concrete by adding old world charm which resemble walkways and streets of the 19th century. Brick Paver patios can be customized to be designed for any area. They are very popular for driveways, walkways, around pools, etc. Of course with any exterior horizontal surface, there is a need for general maintenance with brick pavers by cleaning and sealing on a regular basis.

Brick paver sealers are water repellents and coatings that are specifically designed to be used on paver stones and block.

Paver sealers have 3 main functions:

  • Seal and protect the pavers from UV degradation and fading.
  • Enhance to pavers by either adding a wet look, shine or both.
  • Solidify or stabilizing the jointing sand in between the individual stones

So what is the Best Brick Paver Sealer? Well there isn’t one that stands out from the rest for all scenarios. To determine what paver sealer is best you must first understand the differences between the sealers and what you would like to achieve when done.

Solvent Based Paver Sealers

Traditionally these are the most popular and have been around for the longest time. These pavers sealers are typically high in acrylic solids and will darken the surface. Available in Matte, Semi-Gloss, and High Gloss shines. Due to changes in state’s VOC laws, solvent based sealers may not be available locally but rather purchased online.

Crystal clear in liquid form. Popular solvents are Xylene, Toulene, and other Aromatic Solvents.

Pros: Last about 2+ years. Darken the color more so then water based sealers. Add a higher level of gloss if desired. Typically only one coat is needed. Higher level of protection against UV degradation and fading. Better for vehicle traffic.

Cons: May need to be rolled on as many cannot be sprayed (too thick). Will not solidify joint sand as well as a water based version. Square footage is less, typically about 100-125 sq. feet per gallon.

Water Based Paver Sealers

Water based versions of paver sealers have been forced on the scene in the last 5-10 years due to low VOC (volatile organic compounds) laws. Currently there are over 16 states in the US that restrict the availability of solvent based sealers. Water based sealers still contain acrylics but will have a lower solid content.

Milky white in liquid form that dries clear.

Pros: Easily applied with a garden type pump sprayer. Will penetrate better into the substrate and sand joints. Hardens jointing sand better. Square footage is better then solvent based sealers. Typically 150-200 sq. feet per gallon.

Cons: Multiple coats are needed. Will nor darken as deeply or leave a high gloss like a solvent based paver sealer. Medium level of protection from UV degradation and fading. Softer acrylics, can be prone to tire marks on a hot day.

Solid Acrylics vs Breathable (Styrene) Acrylics

When choosing a paver sealer is best to understand that not all acrylics are created equal. There are many paver sealers that contain inferior acrylics that will blush to turn white in color. Notably Behr Wet Look Sealer and H&C Water based sealer. Best for a paver sealer is one that does not seal the surface 100% but rather breathe. These sealers are less prone to trapping moisture which may lead to the dreaded white haze. Most high quality water based sealers will not blush as they a thinner in viscosity. Solvent based sealers containing a solid acrylic will have a tendency to blush/turn white. If you choose a solvent based sealer, make sure that it is a “Styrene” acrylic as these have tiny pinholes that allow the coating to breathe.

Joint Sand Stabilizing

A side function for paver sealing is the ability to help solidify or stabilize the jointing sand from erosion. While most paver sealers will do this to some extent, some are designed specifically for this purpose. Examples: SB-1300 and SB-7000.

Unfortunately joint stabilizing sealers do not add a high level of gloss or a deep darkening wet look.

Wet Look Paver Sealers

“Wet look” sometimes gets confused with “gloss”. Using a paver sealer that will leave a “wet look” means you are darkening the surface similar to as if it was wet with water. These sealers may or may not contain a shine level of some sort.

Gloss Paver Sealers

Gloss sealers will add a shine to the surface ranging from matter to high gloss. In most scenarios you will also darken the pavers with a wet look. These sealers may be prone to being slippery when wet.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the different types of paver sealers that are available. If you would like help choosing a paver sealer please answer these questions in the comment are below:

  1. Wet Look? Yes or No
  2. No Gloss, Matte, Semi-Gloss, High Gloss
  3. Joint Stabilization Importance? Yes or No
  4. Easily applied? Yes or No
  5. Small description of area that sealer will be applied to. Examples: Patio, Driveway, Pool Deck, etc

Answer 5 Questions in Comment Area to find the Best Paver Sealer for you!

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688 Responses to “Best Brick Paver Sealer”

  1. Sandra says:

    I would like to know which would be the best sealer to use on a sidewalk and entrance area. I prefer a no gloss finish/not wet look with easy application and emphasis on joint stability. Thank you!

  2. Ron says:

    I live in Myrtle Beach SC. Have a new home (@ 10 month) with Pavers for a driveway. Would like a darker color with no gloss look. I have polymeric sand between the joints. Sun hits all day long. Would like a sealant that will stand up to Sun and Tire Marks. Where can this product be bought? Thanks

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Looks at the Surebond SB-6000 for the wet look with no shine. You can buy online and at some select stores.

  3. Karen Lewis says:

    We justed install EZ Slate pavers and are lookingk for a wet look finish. Not high gloss and not slippery. Joint stabilization – if that means we want to protect from cracking in the seams, then yes that is important. We live in OH – what do you recommend? Thank you!

  4. TonyB says:

    Wet look (need to enhance color)
    Matte or low gloss (need a non slipper surface)
    Stabilization not important
    Application method not important
    1300 sq ft patio in Maryland, and I want a "breathable sealant"

    Thanks for the assistance!

  5. max says:

    wet look
    no gloss
    no joint stabilization
    easy application
    11 x 20 concrete paver patio, 4 x 4 weston fire pit and 25 ft. of weston seating wall.

  6. KatB says:

    New home to us, so I don't know sealing history. We have a paver patio with extremely faded pavers. We just re-sanded with Sacrete polymeric sand. It is curing now and we will need to do some vinegar/water haze removal. After that, we would like to tint slightly and seal them. Looking for a wet and not too shiny finish that is not slippery. I can tell that darkening them to their original color will clash with the stone walls and fireplace we have, so we would like to tint them a bit more brown to tie in better to them. I have done some reading on the SuperSeal tints and sealers. Any experience with the tint? I don't want a "painted" look. I still want to be able to see the differences in the stone. And what sealer would you recommend? We live in North Carolina, mild sun on the patio, mild climate, etc. I don't mind rolling or spraying. Thank you!

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      We have used the SuperSeal tints before. You will get a deep wet look with added color. How much color depends on how much you add of the tint. If you put all of the tint in you will get a semi-solid color. Less tint and it will show more of the stone.

      • KatB says:

        Thanks. Do you know if the brown tint winds up being a real light brown color? Or is it pretty dark?
        Also, which sealer do you recommend based on description above? Finally, can you tell right away how dark the tint will be? So if we start and then realize we want it darker, we can add more?
        Thanks for your help!

        • Concrete Sealer Help says:

          Kind of a medium brown. You have to play with the tint to get the right amount of color and transparency. It is not an exact color. Use the SuperSeal 25.

  7. Jeanell says:

    l. I am looking for the Wet Look
    2.High Gloss
    3. Joint Stabilization importance? No
    4. Easily applies? No
    5. This is for a brick walkway to my front door.

  8. Lorraine says:

    I want to seal my Cambridge pavers that are 5 years old for the first time. We powerwashed them a week ago and now have to put sand in the joints and remove excess with a blower as I have read so far.
    i don't think I want the wet look but would like to enhance the color of my pavers.
    But if I went with the wet look, does it fade and get lighter over time

  9. Keith Layton says:

    1.Wet Look? No
    2.No Gloss, or Matte,
    3.Joint Stabilization Importance? Yes
    4.Easily applied? Yes
    5.Small description of area that sealer will be applied to: Driveway

    Installer plans to use a product called "Seal 'n Lock". Where I have noticed a product called silane / siloxane

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      For no change in appearance look at the Surebond SB-1300 as it will help with the sand. The seal and lock will give a wet look.

  10. Ron says:

    Looking for sealer for my Belgrade pavers. Worried about food and wine stains. This is in our backyard. Don't really want the stone looking wet or glossy. Just looking for protect against stains.

  11. Gerry says:

    Wet look: No
    Matte finish
    Joint stabilization: Yes
    Application: Easy
    Area is a 200 sq foot patio elevated within a surrounding stone wall. Capping stones match the rough wall, but the insert pavers are smooth textured. The installation was completed this week (October 1st) and I thought of waiting until May to let everything settle, sand the joints again and then seal. I live in Montreal, which has about the same winters as Maine. The patio will be under snow until April and we're only about 6 weeks away from the start of it, so the stones will not be warm again for a while. Your suggestions for a hot in summer/cold in winter installation are greatly appreciated.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Look at the Surebond SB-1300 for this. No change of appearance but will help with joint sand stabilization.

      • Gerry says:

        Excellent! I just found their application video on Youtube. This looks like the stuff I need. Thanks for your time.

  12. Steve says:

    I have a new patio installation of about 650 sq. ft. of pavers. The pavers surround a 13' x 18' chickee hut with a wood deck underneath. Wood deck is above pavers a couple inches. Would like a wet look with no gloss or maybe even matte. Sand stabilization would be nice. Application not important. Please recommend a product or 2


  13. Gary says:

    Wet look Yes
    Semi gloss
    Joint stable. Yes
    Easy applied Yes
    Lanai and patio around pool

  14. SUASN DUCKMAN says:


  15. Steve says:

    Want a wet look, high gloss, non-whitening sealer – multiple coats is ok. I have a large pavered lanai and patio with a walkway. from the front pavered driveway. I total, I have about 5,500 square feet to cover – much of which is bordered either by the house or by a PVC fence (which will require either rolling or painting the edges). The pavers come up to my dock on a saltwater canal – near Tampa Florida

  16. Martin B. Berke says:

    1. no
    2. Matte
    5. Driveway and small patio

  17. Rick Staino says:

    1. No
    2. Semi Gloss
    3. No
    4. Yes
    5. Lanai & Driveway

    6. Thank you very much~

  18. Charlie says:

    What is best sealer you recommend for new installed paver.
    Wet Look? Yes
    Matte or Semi-Gloss
    Joint Stabilization Importance? Yes
    Easily applied? Yes
    Northern California, Driveway and front yard walkway.

  19. Jack says:

    wet look
    semi gloss
    good joint stabilization
    easy application
    patio + walkway

  20. Bldg Chair says:

    State: Massachusetts
    Wet Look? No
    No Gloss or Matte
    Joint Stabilization Importance? not first priority
    Easily applied? Yes
    Small description of area: outside cement stairs with cracks recently repaired, can NOT be slippery in rain or snow

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      For no change of appearance and not slippery you would want a penetrating sealer. Look at the Surebond SB-1300.

  21. Sergio says:

    Live in Phoenix AZ-
    Answers to 5 questions:
    Wet look–No
    No Gloss or Matte
    Joint Stabilization–Yes
    Easily applied–Yes
    Area–Pavers both under a covered patio and out in direct sunlight

  22. steve says:

    1.Wet Look? Yes
    2.No Gloss or Matte (not sure how these differ)
    3.Joint Stabilization Importance? Yes
    4.Easily applied? Having professionally installed
    5.Drive: 1,680 sq ft; porch: 70 sq.ft.; pool deck: 925 sq.ft. Pool deck near nature preserve (wooded, dampness, where mold mildew could be issue in winter, low solar months)

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Wet look is a darkening of the surface so it looks richer. Gloss level is the shine. They are not the same. Where are you located? Do you want a shine of some sort?

  23. John Mailler says:

    Live in Dallas Texas and have just put in pavers. Looking for a wet look matte to semi gloss. Not concerned on the joint stabilization and have no problem applying it. About 450 sq ft with 270 feet under patio cover.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Look at SuperSeal 25 or the SuperSeal Matte. You will need roughly 7 gallons for 1 good coat applied at 100 sq. feet per gallon.

  24. Margaret says:

    What do you think would be best? Wet-look/no Semi-gloss/yes Joint Stabilization/yes Easily applied/huge yes

    The area that we are planning on doing is INSIDE a veterinary office that has real brick pavers in the waiting room, while we sweep and wet mop twice daily (at minimum), think of pet 'accidents' in terms of sealing (urine, feces, vomit, blood) (I know, gross, but it's a great job). Regarding the joint issue, we do have a small area at a metal threshold that keeps chipping, so I guess stabilization would be a benefit in that one spot. I was looking at the Glaze N Seal, mainly b/c it specifcally states its ok to use indoors.

  25. Jim says:

    My patio is concrete with Kool Deck that is painted. I have trouble with mold and algae growing on the surface over time when it's wet, which is often as I live in S Florida. Is it ok to seal this with Superseal 25?

  26. Frank says:

    Wet Look? Yes
    Joint Stabilization Importance? No
    Easily applied? Yes
    Small description of area that sealer will be applied to pool deck in Florida, not slippery or super hot

  27. Jones says:

    Wet Look? Yes
    Semi-Gloss or matte is OK
    Joint Stabilization Importance? Yes
    Easily applied? Yes
    Pavers are typically aproximately 5"X*8 Terracotta colored brick in each area: Driveway, Walkway and Pool Deck; Located in southwest Florida

  28. Bill Mahan says:

    I wish a wet matte look on brick pavers (they appear somewhat porus) location is green valley AZ and the area ito cover is approx. 2000 sq. ft

  29. Mark says:

    Wet Look? Yes
    Joint Stabilization Importance? Yes
    Easily applied? Yes roll brush or sprayer would be fine
    Small description of area that sealer will be applied to. Examples: Patio, entry way, and Driveway

  30. Jerry says:

    1. Wet Look? Yes
    2. Semi Gloss
    3. Joint Stabilization? Yes
    4. Easily Applied? I'm good with any application of the right product
    5. Small Description? 500 sqft patio, direct sunlight, central east coast of Florida.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Look at Super Seal 25 for this. Wet look and semi-gloss. Other option would the SuperSeal 30 which is a little shinier.

  31. dave says:

    Wet Look? Yes
    High Gloss
    Joint Stabilization Importance? No
    Easily applied? either
    Small description of area that sealer will be applied to. Interior brick fireplace made with old solid clay bricks. Looking for a darker wet look. thanks.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Clay bricks can be hard to get a shine or evenly. You may need multiple applications. Look at the Masonry Saver Decorative Concrete Sealer since it is indoors.

  32. Mike Dennis says:

    no wet look…………….matte finish………………joint stabilization IS important………………should be easily applied…………………sealer will be applied to driveway and two 3-foot paths along two sides of house.

  33. Stevie J says:

    1. Wet Look – no
    2. Sheen – no gloss or matte
    3. Join Stabilization – no
    4. Easily applied – yes
    5. 25,000 sf indoor concrete paver installation

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Stevie, since you want no change of appearance you really just need a sealer and water repellent that will protect form stains and spills. Look at the Super Seal-M Water Repellent (Not SuperSeal Matte).

  34. larry van says:

    Really appreciate this article it help greatly if I could get the answer to the following questions, location is Orlando florida_1. wet look_2. high gloss_3. joint stabilization, yes_4. & pool deck, salt pool

  35. Ryan says:

    Wet Look – Yes
    No Gloss
    Joint Stabilization – Yes
    Easily applied – Yes
    Applied to Drive way, Back Patio

    Note. Direct Sunlight, Installed 3 months ago, Concrete Pavers, low Post Maintenance,

  36. Drew Kreegel says:

    1) Wet look-yes
    2) Semi-gloss or high gloss (not sure what looks best with wet look.-yes
    3) Don't think joint stabilization is problem.-no
    4) Easy application.-yes
    5) Driveway pavers.
    Note- driveway just sealed with solvent (xylene) based sealer. Looks clean but dull color with no gloss/shine.
    What can be done if any, short of stripping and starting from scratch ?

    Need recommendation.

  37. ART says:


  38. Charlotte Adams says:

    I like the wet/glossy look in my kitchen for pavers brick..which sealer do I need to purchase & where to purchase..Need brand name, also…Thanks!

  39. Beachbroad says:

    Wet look
    Semi gloss
    No stabilization needed
    Easily applied
    Patio of concrete pavers

  40. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    Joe, I would look at SB-6000 or Defy Paver Sealer.

  41. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    No that will not stop worms.

  42. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    Dan, look at the Surebond SB-6000 for this.

  43. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    I would use the SuperSeal Matte for this.

  44. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    Rene, try the SuperSeal25 with the added Super Grip that Clemons make for traction.

  45. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    Surebond SB-1300 for this.

  46. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    Sonia, Try the SuperSeal25 for this.

  47. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    Jim, Try Surebond SB-6000 for a wet look with little to no gloss.

  48. Concrete Sealer Help says:


    1. 1/2 is what we normally use
    2. One coat at about 100 sq. feet per gallon.
    3. First time it will last about 18-24 months. Second application will last a little longer. It actually last longer but it does dull from the UV and general dirt.


  49. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    Blanca, look at the SuperSeal 25 Paver Sealer.

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