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Best Stamped Concrete Sealer

Stamped Concrete Pitting

Stamped Concrete Pitting

What Sealer is Best for Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped Concrete Patios and Driveways are decorative surfaces that have become popular in the last 10 years or so. These surfaces utilize patterns and different colors to create a dramatic look to your landscaping. As with any exterior concrete surface, Stamped patios need to be maintained on a consistent basis.

Failure to maintain your Stamped Concrete will result in:

  • Color loss and discoloration
  • Pitting of the surface
  • Hairline cracks
  • Exposure to stains from spills

We suggest Solvent Based Acrylic Wet Look Sealers as the best type of sealer for your Stamped Concrete Patio. If possible, find a “Styrene” acrylic sealer as these sealers act as a Cure and Seal while minimizing the chance of a white haze.

Solvent Based Acrylic (Styrene) Sealers

These are durbale but breathable sealers for Stamped Cocnrete. These sealers are typically high in acrylic solids and will darken the surface like  wet with water while leaving a Matte or Gloss sheen. These sealers are less prone to trapping moisture which may lead to the dreaded white haze.

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128 Responses to “Best Stamped Concrete Sealer”

  1. Richard says:

    I'm in Southern California desert and recently have some 2500 sqft of colored and stamped concrete done in my backyard. Most if not all will be exposed to sunlight at all time. It might worth to mention that the temperature in this region is quite drastic; snowy condition in winter and 100+ during the summer months. We want to seal the concrete but are having trouble picking the right product for the job. Could you please advise? Thanks

  2. Camryn says:

    I live in Minnesota. I would like a wet look, no gloss sealant to enrich the color for our paver driveway and patio. It is about 9 years old. I would also like to seal the manufactured stone front. I've wondered about Super Seal 25 and SB6000. Which would you recommend?


  3. Dave says:

    I have a 2 year old stamped colored concrete patio that has never been sealed. Would like the darker wet look appearance. I live in in east central Iowa.
    What is recommended?

  4. Rita says:

    I have a stamped pool deck that is five years old. The deck was not sealed until last fall. This spring I noticed white spots all over the deck, and now the sealant is flaking off. I live in Ky where winters can be cold and snowy and summers can be hot and humid. Should I strip the old sealant off and reapply? If so, what should I use to strip and seal? Also the surface was extremely slippery last time the installer sealed the deck. So I guess Shark Grip for that?
    Please Help

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Yes at this point you will need to strip and start over. Use the Concrete Sealer Stripper By Clemons Concrete Coatings. Once removed you should seal with the SuperSeal30 and you can add Shark Grip into the sealer when applying.

  5. Colleen says:

    Hello, I live in Ontario Canada where the winters are brutally cold, lots of snow and ice and summers can get very hot and sunny also. I have stamped concrete stairs to the entrance of my home with an exposed aggregate platform and stamped borders. I had asked the contractor to use a matte sealer and was very disappointed after he used a sealer that was very shiny and extremely slippery when wet. I have allowed the sealer to wear away the past year so that I did not have to use a chemical stripper on it. It's ready to be re-sealed, what type and brand of sealer can I use that will be matte finish and non slippery?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      You have no choice but to strip off the old sealer as adding more sealer on top will not stop it from being slippery. The old sealer does not just disappear after a year. Once removed, look at the Masonry Saver Decorative Concrete Sealer for this.

  6. Janell says:

    my cement looks like the one on this page. It has a white haze on it it washes off then comes back after it drys. Anything to clean it off? What sealer would work? It started doing this 3 weeks after job was done

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      You cannot clean that off. You will need to strip it all off and start over as the issue is the sealer itself. You would then want a sealer that is not prone to blushing. Masonry Saver Decorative Concrete Sealer would be a good option.

  7. Donna says:

    Greetings, I have a 5 yr old stamped concrete, interior radiant heat floor. The floor is badly in need of resealing. I plan to restain with a water based stain first. I am not sure which sealer to buy. I want wet look and something that will last and not have to be redone every year. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

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