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What is the Best Concrete Sealer?

Best Concrete SealersConcrete comes in many different types and substrates that can be found both for both interior and exterior applications. There are Concrete Driveways, Vertical Brick Walls, Brick Paver Patios, Basement Floors, etc. Concrete is very porous and can be prone to degradation from Water, Ultra Violet Radiation, wear and tear, etc. By sealing or waterproofing your concrete surface you will add life and protection to your surface.

So what is the Best Concrete Sealer?

The answer to that is dependent on why you are sealing, what surface  you are trying to seal, and what your final expectations are.

There are many different types of sealers for concrete and masonry surfaces. Concrete sealers come in both water based and solvent based formulas. They come in generic formulas for all surfaces or formulas that are specific to the surface you are applying to. For example, you would want a Brick Paver Sealer for a Paver Patio and a Chimney Sealant for you Chimney but you could use MasonrySaver All Purpose Water Repellent for both.

So why seal your concrete or brick? The main reasons to seal and waterproof your concrete are:

1. Preventing hairline cracks due to water expansion during freeze/that cycles.

2. Prevent water penetration and seepage of water through walls and foundations.

3. Enhance the appearance by adding a gloss or darkening the overall color.

4. Prevent damage from deicing salts during winter months.

5. Provide protection from “Pitting” or “Spalling” or deterioration of the concrete causing chunks of the concrete to separate from the concrete structure.

Once we understand the surface we are treating and what the reasons we are treating the surface for, then we can narrow down what would be the best concrete sealer to use.

Here is an example of concrete surface in Florida (answers in Red):

1. What State do you live in? Florida

2. Interior or Exterior concrete surface? Exterior

3. Vertical or Horizontal application? Horizontal

4. Change or enhance appearance (gloss or wet look) or no change of appearance? Wet Look/Gloss

5. Type of surface examples: Driveway, Paver Patio, Brick Wall, etc Paver Driveway

Based on the answers you would want a sealer that is specific to brick pavers, gives excellent UV resistance since it is in Florida, while adding a shiny enhanced look. Based on these questions you would want to look at:

  • SuperSeal25
  • SuperSeal30
  • MasonrySaver Paver Sealer.

Feel free to answer these questions for help choosing the “the best concrete sealers for me”. Just post a comment below and based on your answers, we will suggest a couple of different options of what sealant or water repellent you should use:

Please include any additional information that would be useful!

Make Sure to Include Answers to the 5 Questions in Comment Area Below!

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1,036 Responses to “What is the Best Concrete Sealer?”

  1. Jaimie says:

    South Carolina
    Wet look, high gloss
    Backyard patio/kitchen
    We used Valspar water based Concrete Stain 4 days ago and are unsure of what product to use to seal it to get our desired result. Local companies say it's impossible to get a very high gloss wet look on brushed concrete.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      I would look at the SuperSeal 30 for this but contact the manufacturer to be certain that it will work on your substrate.

  2. Mike says:

    1. SC

    2. Exterior

    3. Horizontal

    4. no change of appearance

    5. brushed concrete pool deck

  3. Michael Sherer says:

    !. Seattle, WA
    2. Exterior
    3. Horizontal and Vertical
    4. No change.
    5. Colored concrete steps.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      No change will not work on colored concrete as they will not penetrate. Any sealer you can use on this type of substrate will enhance or change the look.

  4. Santiago Cabo says:

    1. What State do you live in? New Jersey

    2. Interior or Exterior concrete surface? Exterior

    3. Vertical or Horizontal application? Horizontal

    4. Change or enhance appearance (gloss or wet look) or no change of appearance? Wet Look

    5. Type of surface examples: Paver Patio

  5. Brian says:

    1- New York
    2- Interior
    3- Both horizontal and vertical
    4- Satin finish
    5- Both poured concrete floor and brick wall
    I would like to find a product best able to do both surfaces

  6. Glenn says:

    1 Southern California
    2 Exterior
    3 Horizontal
    4Matte finish
    5 Smooth, colored concrete driveway with flagstone inlays

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Glenn, do you just want a sealer with no change of look or do you want it to look darker like a wet look? I am thinking the former for this and would suggest the Masonry Saver heavy Duty Water Repellent.

  7. Wendy says:

    Best Concrete sealer? Ontario, Canada, interior, vertical, appearance not important, basement wall

  8. K. Jameson says:

    Exterior patio
    Prevent staining from muddy paw prints and make it easier to clean
    Wouldn't mind brown tint if that is an option with sealing. Shiny would be nice but not absolutely necessary

  9. Patti says:

    2 Exterior (garage floor)
    3 horizontal
    4 no
    5 detached garage floor

  10. Jon says:

    Hi my name is Jon I live in cleveland Ohio and I'm looking for the best way to seal some horizontal acid stained concrete. I like the wet gloss look but it needs to be chemically resistant and durable. Any help would be appreciated

  11. Jon says:

    Ohio, interior, horizontal, wet look, acid stained concrete. Chemically resistant

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Not sure if any sealer is chemically resistant. Normally we would suggest the Masonry Saver Decorative Concrete Sealer for this but you should contact manufacturer to see about the chemical resistance factor.

  12. mike says:


    New jersey
    don't care about appearance
    basement floor

  13. Michael says:

    I am redoing the interior entry way in my 200 year old house. I am exposing the underlying brick entry wall and would like to have a semi-glossy look. What is the best product for such an interior wall.
    1. New York
    2. Interior side of Brick Wall.
    3. Vertical
    4. Wet look – semi-gloss to gloss
    5. Brick Wall.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Try the SuperSeal VOC product. A few coats should give the wet look and gloss. It does have a very strong odor though so you may need to vacate the home until it dissipates.

  14. Jean says:

    Seattle, interior, basement floor and foundation, tintable

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Look at staining first with Clemons Concrete Super Color. Apply a sealer on top of that. SuperSeal – A would work for inside with low odor.

  15. Shawn says:

    Ohio, tinted exposed aggregate exterior driveway and walks and brick paver patio, horizontal, wet look.

  16. Loren Williams. says:

    California back patio is salted and colorered. Want wet look. Pool deck is same and want to do that also.

  17. George says:

    I live in Maine and have a stamped concrete patio around my inground pool. I am looking to seal it and ensure that it is not slippery as I have 2 young children. I would like some suggestions on this and I am not looking for the gloss wet look.

  18. Steve says:

    Wet look
    Concrete table top

  19. Joe Gyuran says:

    Michigan, Horizontal exterior, pool area, wet look, going over water based acrylic, ( Diamond Clear Brand) does not last.

  20. Allen says:

    Missouri, Horizontal exterior, wet look, gloss, grey and black stamped concrete walkway and patio. Looks fine at first, but then turns chalky light grey color and loses shine. Used xylene last year because I thought sealer may have been put on too thick 2 years ago. Looked better for awhile, but reverted to chalky grey again this year. Scrubbed surface with stiff brush during cleaning. About ready to give up and paint it to reduce annual maintenance.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Allen, you probably have to strip at this point as your old sealer is having issues. We use the Concrete sealer stripper made by Clemons Concrete Coatings. Once removed you can reseal with a sealer that does not turn white.

  21. Pete Breil says:

    Stamped, Colored Concrete >10 years old, hasn't been sealed in >8 years
    wet look on driveway

  22. lucia says:

    Pittsburgh, PA, Exterior, Horizontal, wet look/gloss, concrete color (brown) steps leading to the main home door (has stone look- designed with random flat stone shapes made out of contrete). we prefer water base. It hasn't been sealed in 5 years. Also, what is the best way to clean/prep the area? Thanks a lot!

  23. Gary says:

    Wet look but not slick
    Patio stamped concrete [not colored]

  24. linda says:

    Tucson az
    no change of appearance
    newly Behr stained flagstone

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      You probably cannot apply a sealer on top of the Behr stain. If possible then it would have to be a filming type sealer that adds a gloss or shine. Not possible to have a penetrating sealer with no change of appearance to work well on stained concrete.

  25. Josh says:

    Wet Seal enter concrete deck porch with garage underneath.
    Enter the top of the concrete decking is coming up and it seems that it has been resealed in the past. It is now leaking into the garage anytime it rains and around the side it is cracked. I want to reseal it and then put roofing over it and decking on top of the roof Thanks

  26. Marie says:

    Appearance doesn't matter as long as it's not slick
    Concrete porch slab previously covered with outdoor carpeting.

  27. Dean says:

    State North Carolina
    A pop in color but not wet look more natural
    Brushed color concrete pool deck salt water pool. Sealed with water based sealant at installation 4 yrs ago

  28. Sara says:

    Nebraska exterior. Horizontal. No change. Concrete patio

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