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Adding Tint or Color to Pavers and Concrete

To change the appearance of pavers and concrete you can have tint or color added. This can be done to concrete or pavers that are being poured from a wet cement mix. The color can be added to the batch before it is poured into the form. For pavers or concrete that already exist, you can apply and colored concrete stain to the surface to change the appearance.

Once the tint or color is added to pavers or concrete the surface should then be sealed to help lock in the new color and protect the surface from harsh weather. As the sun beats down on concrete and paver surfaces the UV rays can break down the chemical bonds and fade the color like a bleaching effect. Some surfaces are more prone to fading such as those like pavers and concrete that have had dye color added to them. The darker the color the more prone it is to fading.

You can also add the tint or color to the sealer. Then you will be sealing and adding color to the pavers or concrete at the same time. Some tinted or color sealers can form a film like paint on the surface which would completely mask the natural beauty of the pavers or concrete just so you are aware. In the case of using an acid staining process, you would still need to seal the surface once the stain was cured. A better alternative to acid staining is applying a semi-transparent color concrete stain that dilutes in acetone. This process is not as tedious as acid staining. The surface can then be clear coated with a wet look sealer for a deeper, richer look.

Another option for faded pavers and concrete that have lost their original luster is to seal them with a matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss shine. This can help restore their color by darkening up the surface. This works well on both stamped concrete and brick pavers. Keeping your colored pavers and concrete clean and maintaining them by resealing them every few seasons will help the surface to last for many years while preserving the original appearance.

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4 responses to “Adding Tint or Color to Pavers and Concrete”

  1. Tim Hansen says:

    Is there any hope to match 200 s.f. of new infill pavers that came as a much cooler gray to older pavers that are much warmer? The supplier said this was as close as they could get after 5 years, but the owner is not happy. A tree fell and left a cutout that had to be filled in.

  2. Lorena says:

    Our paver is reddish. We want gray how we can better accomplish this?

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