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Best Sealer for a Garage Floor 5/5 (5)

Best Garage Floor SealerBest Sealer for a Garage Floor to prevent oil stains and make cleanup easier.

Garage floors can be a pain to keep clean and looking good. Because garage floor concrete is porous, it easily absorbs moisture and stains such as automotive oil and coolant. Once these stains penetrate the concrete, they are hard to remove.

The best sealer for a garage floor will offer resistance to unwanted staining. The best sealer will also keep water and moisture from penetrating the concrete and causing damage. Garage floor sealer application will increase the appearance of the floor and make it easier to maintain. Unwanted fluids and stains can be cleaned up more easily on sealed concrete than concrete that is not protected.

There are a variety of sealers offered that are user friendly and easy to apply. A good penetrating sealer with no gloss is an excellent choice for sealing a garage floor. The non-gloss finish of a siloxane-based sealer will not give the floor a slippery texture but will lock out moisture and potential stains.

Stay away from acrylics, silicones, and other waterproofing sealers that tend to remain on the concrete surface and trap moisture. These types of sealers are known for peeling and flaking once trapped water vapors cause them to fail.

Clear siloxane-based garage floor sealers penetrate up to a ΒΌ inch or more into the surface and are not prone to peeling or flaking. In addition, the best sealer for a garage floor will contain a blend of silanes and siloxanes to create a salt barrier. This barrier gives greater protection of the deteriorating effects of salts and de-icing chemicals.

Several products that are atop the list of best sealers for a garage floor are SuperSeal M and Masonry Saver Heavy Duty Water Repellent (Defy). These are excellent garage floor sealers that are 100% breathable and provide and non-slip, no gloss finish that will keep your garage floor damage free and protected against stains and spills.

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4 responses to “Best Sealer for a Garage Floor”

  1. Michelle says:

    Would a concrete admixture such as BASF MasterLife 300D provide the same protection against staining as a Siloxane Sealant?

  2. Jackie says:

    Does a penetrating sealing make the concrete floor easier to sweep? I mean, so cement dust doesn't keep sweeping up indefinitely?

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