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Best Sealer for New Brick Pavers

In 2024, we at Concrete Sealer Review continue to remain your number one source for concrete and brick paver sealer tips and reviews. We continue to recommend SuperSeal and Supreme Shield for new pavers. If you have a recommendation for the best sealer for new pavers, we want to hear your input! Feel free to leave us a comment with some pictures below.

Sealing New Brick Pavers

Newly installed pavers can add curb appeal to your outdoor areas as well as create a usable surface. A new paver installation will not stay looking new long unless it is protected from normal use and natural elements. Unprotected pavers will begin to lose color and may shift or become damaged due to unwanted water intrusion. Weeds will begin to grow up in the sand joints causing an unsightly appearance. Heaving and shifting of the pavers may occur due to freeze and thaw damage. To avoid these issues and protect your new paver investment it is important to apply a paver sealer.

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A quality paver sealer will protect against color fading, water intrusion, sand erosion, and weed growth keeping your pavers looking new. The best sealer for new pavers comes down to several choices. For an enhanced appearance and superb protection, try SuperSeal 25 or SuperSeal 30. These solvent-based sealers contain a high percentage of solids giving new pavers a glossy wet look while offering all the protection they need from harsh elements and foot traffic. SuperSeal will also penetrate the sand joints to create a solid joint free from erosion and weed invasion.

Another great recommendation by professionals for sealing new pavers is a product called Supreme Shield SB-600. This solvent-based penetrating sealer is perfect for new paver areas. It adds a wet look appearance without the high gloss look. This color-enhancing protective paver sealer preserves the natural color of new pavers while repelling water, salt, and oil stains. It is easy to use and the amazing results are immediate.

Protect your investment with one of these best sealers for new pavers. Keep your outdoor paver areas looking new and protected from Mother Nature so they are there for you to enjoy for many years down the road.

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How To Apply Brick Paver Sealer Easily

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