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Seal n Lock Paver Sealer Review

Seal n Lock Paver Sealer

Seal n Lock Paver Sealer

Seal n Lock Super Wet is a high solids, two-part water based pure urethane sealer that penetrates the pavers to provide a longer lasting protective barrier with superior joint stabilization (no need for polymeric sand) resulting in a ‘wet look.’ Super Wet is user-friendly and environmentally safe. The high solids content of pure urethane wears evenly and lasts longer than solvent based sealers. Super Wet is available in 2 and 5 gallon kits.

The first all in one day process!

Seal n Lock Paver Sealer Scores (1-10)

Wet Look: 6

– Considering this is the Seal n Lock wet look version, the sealer did a very average job at enhancing or improving the paver stones with a wet look.

Gloss Level: 6

– Same as the wet look, The Seal N Lock did have an average shine after drying. This product goes on milky white but dries to a clear satin shine.

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Behr Wet Look Sealer Review

Behr Wet look Sealer

Behr Wet look Sealer

BEHR PREMIUM® WET-LOOK SEALER is a clear, non-yellowing, high solids, acrylic-based masonry sealer. It is formulated to seal, protect and beautify concrete and masonry surfaces with a high gloss, wet-look finish. BEHR PREMIUM WET-LOOK SEALER is also an excellent topcoat for paints and stains.

Applied to a stamped concrete walkway.

Behr Wet Look Sealer Scores (1-10)

Wet Look: 3

– Wet look? The Behr wet look sealer barely changed the appearance of the stamped concrete surface even after two coats. Went on milky white and dried milky as well.

Gloss Level: 3

– Behr claims that their sealer will leave a high gloss shine. After the two coast, we barely saw any remnants of any gloss let alone a high gloss. Very misleading marketing from Behr.

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Concrete Cleaning Tips

Efflorescence On Brick

Efflorescence On Brick

Before applying a concrete sealer or water repellent it is typically needed to prep the surface first. Prepping consists of cleaning with water and using a chemical cleaner that is specific to the stain you are trying to remove. Cleaners for concrete and brick pavers come in many different formulas.

Let’s look at the main reasons to clean and prep your concrete:

General Dirt and Grime Cleaning

When cleaning to remove dirt and grime you may just need water and a pressure washer. If the stains are stubborn, then a general all-purpose concrete cleaner or even bleach would help with the washing.

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