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This post was most recently updated on January 19th, 2021 is a help and review site that specializes in coatings and sealers for concrete and brick surfaces, based on decades of experience in sealer application, restoration, and distribution. Since was launched, there have been over 15,000 Questions and Answers, helping consumers choose the best products for their concrete surfaces.

New for 2021 Concrete Epoxy Coating Reviews and Help!

We have been using Epoxy Coatings for many years now and we have added our Concrete Epoxy Coating Reviews section.

Concrete Sealer and Waterproofing Articles

We have numerous help articles based on our experience as restoration contractors. Feel free to browse our extensive articles and ask any questions you may have regarding your project.

Concrete Sealer Reviews and Ratings

Over the past 20+ years, we have used numerous concrete and brick coatings and restoration products.  Our Reviews and Ratings are from our experience as contractors. We allow consumers to post comments and rate their own experience with any products on this site. We encourage all good and bad experiences to be posted with any product listed.

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We do not manufacture any product that is reviewed on this website nor do we do sell any products directly from this site. is an informational help and review site only. We do offer products for sale at our retail store and through eCommerce. One popular question we receive is: “You must be biased as you only highly rate products you sell?” This is far from the truth and in fact, we could sell any brand of product(s) that we want but choose to only sell the high-quality products that we know work. This is based on our 20+ years of working directly in the concrete and paver restoration business as professional contractors.

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