H&C Gloss Concrete Sealer Review  3.8/5 (10)

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This post was most recently updated on January 26th, 2022

H&C Clear Gloss Sealer

H&C Clear Gloss Sealer

Update 2022 for H&C Gloss Concrete Sealer Review

As of 2022, we have found that the H&C Gloss Concrete Sealer has shown issues on Stamped Concrete, Brick Pavers, and other Decorative Concrete Surfaces. If you have any questions on the H&C Gloss Concrete Sealer product, please ask below in our Q&A area. We are here to help!

H&C Concrete Sealer Clear Gloss Oil-based is a solvent-based sealer formulated with a silicone acrylic resin.  H&C’s Concrete Sealer Clear Gloss is a 23% solids high gloss coating for virtually any outdoor application.  It seals and protects while providing a durable non-yellowing finish.  It can be used as a decorative glaze on masonry walls, brick, and other cementitious materials.

Tested on Stamped Concrete and Brick Pavers

H&C Gloss Concrete Sealer Scores (1-10)

Wet Look: 5

– H&C Gloss did a poor to average job of darkening brick pavers. It performed slightly better for the stamped concrete over the brick pavers but sill not nearly as good as the other solvent-based acrylic sealers.

Gloss Level: 7.5

– Not bad for the gloss level. H&C Gloss concrete sealer contains 23% solid acrylic. This is an average amount for solvent-based sealers. One coat showed little to no gloss but the second coat did make a difference and we ended up with a satin sheen to the pavers and a semi-gloss for the stamped concrete.

Joint Sand Hardening: 6

– For the brick pavers, the H&C Gloss did help solidify the top 1/4″ of the sand. When we tested below that, the sand had not hardened at all.

Fading/Wearing After 2 Years: 6

– The gloss level for the H&C Gloss faded about 40% after 2 years. The wet look was about the same. No peeling was noticeable.

White Haze/Yellowing: 8

– The sealer after two years had no discoloration or yellowing of the brick pavers. Unfortunately, the sealer did not fare nearly as well on our stamped concrete. The was a very noticeable white look to the sealer.

Overall Score H&C Gloss Concrete Sealer Sealer at 2 Year Period: 6.7

– H&C Gloss Concrete Sealer is a popular sealer sold at local hardware stores and paint outlets. While it is better than many Big Box Store products, it is, unfortunately, a below-average sealer in our opinion. It has a lower solid count for an acrylic sealer and does not seem to be breathable, hence the white haze on the stamped concrete. The gloss level was average and the wet look was poor. Required 2 coats while many solvent-based acrylic sealers only needed one coat.

There are better solvent-based acrylic sealers than this on the market!

Product Information:

Where To Buy Online: Sherwin Williams
Sealer Type: Gloss Solvent-Based 23% Acrylic
Types of Substrates: Brick, Concrete, Aggregate, Decorative Stamped
Coats Required: 2 coats
Coverage Per Gallon: 100-200 sq. ft
Application Tools: Roller
Dry Time: 1-4 Hours
Cleanup: Solvent – Xylene
VOC Compliant: Not Compliant in all States
Manufacturer: H&C Concrete

Test Stats:

Surface Type: Stamped Concrete Walkway and Brick Pavers
UV Exposure: Full Sun
How Many Years Tested: 2 Years

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take into consideration that results may differ due to different surface types, exposure to UV radiation, and traffic.

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15 days ago

Used the solvent based natural look o our new concrete floor that we intend to have as our flooring. It has peeled up in areas that we used masking tape on to cover and protect while we finished the house. Not happy at all!

Terri Shook
Terri Shook
9 months ago

We used the H&C solvent base natural look sealer on our covered concrete patio. Can’t understand but some areas are natural, some very shiny and others in the middle. Also shows rollers marks. It was an overcast day not hot but gummed up quickly when trying to blend the roller strokes.

I’m not happen with the finish after two coats. Any suggestions?

Tracey J Lather
Tracey J Lather
1 year ago

I purchased 5 gallons of concrete sealer from Menards in Bay City. When I opened the cans there was aprox. 1inch of solid material on the top of the liquid. Had to go purchase another 2 gals, had salesman open the cans and the contained the same 1 inch of solid material he said that it was not a problem . I tried to mix the liquid and it broke into pieces so had to strain it before application. the cement was power washed before application by me. Now my driveway looks like a mess and there are stains all… Read more »

Loretta Sibilly
Loretta Sibilly
2 years ago

Hi, can I use clarishield oil based concrete sealer on interlocking stone tiles in shower wall

3 years ago

Used it on a garage floor. Etched and allowed several days to dry. Applied first coat thinned as recommended and then 2 days later applied top coat. It was impossible to get on smoothly. Regretting decision to not use expoy.

Midwest guy
Midwest guy
4 years ago

Total garbage. Minimal adhesion properties…hot tire peel off within. Two weeks of applying. Go elsewhere.

Jimmie Whitfield
Jimmie Whitfield
5 years ago

Hi, I applied 1 coat of the H&C sealer oil-based (non-gloss) yesterday. Should I apply a 2nd coat of H&C or buy something else that you rate higher for the second coat?

Paul Hanson
Paul Hanson
5 years ago

Used the H&C concrete stain on patio and walkway. concrete has been in place for 10 plus years. Followed directions and and allowed proper dry time. after several weeks(in one area almost 5) we received rain and area bubbled and peeled. It is a disaster, rep from Sherman Williams came to assess and thought dry time was not long enough. Product is crap wondering if others have had problems.

Allan Luer
Allan Luer
5 years ago

This is the worst product we have ever used. Sun/shade it all blisters. We have a very expensive sidewalk that we used it on, colored concrete and stamped-what a mess.

5 years ago
Reply to  Allan Luer

Was this application done over recently poured concrete?

7 months ago
Reply to  Mike

This product is dangerous when it gets wet. I fell twice on our walkway. I finally started drying the walkway after rains so our postman wouldn’t fall. After two summers it turned white and peeled. We had to power wash it off. Most of it peeled off put there are still a few places that haven’t. It makes the walk and patio look terrible. It ruined our beautiful and expensive stamped concrete. 🙁

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