How To Remove an Epoxy Coating in 2024?

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Removing an Epoxy Coating?

Removing an epoxy coating from a garage floor is not a hard process and can be easily done with the proper power tools. If your garage or concrete surface has been previously sealed, painted, or coated, the use of a diamond grinder or shot blaster is the best and recommended way to remove those coatings and rough up the surface for a new Epoxy Coating. Proper surface preparation is very important because it ensures that the new epoxy chemically bonds to the surface. If the surface has an older coating that is failing, the new epoxy coating will not perform effectively.

Note: Both the Diamond Grinder or the Shot Blasting equipment can be rented at your local Rental Yard.

EPOXY Coating Removal Tips

STEP 1–Clean Surface

  1. Remove all items from the garage floor.
  2. Use a household broom to thoroughly sweep the entire garage floor. All dirt particles and debris should be swept off the floor.
  3. Pressure wash the surface to remove any loose peeling stain, paint or old epoxy coating.
  4. Let the surface fully dry.
Epoxy Coating Diamond Grinder

Epoxy Diamond Floor Grinder

STEP -2 Grinder or Shot Blast the Surface

Option 1: Diamond Grinder

A floor grinder is a tool that uses an abrasive surface to remove paint and dirt while polishing a large area. A bladed diamond grinder attachment or a diamond cup wheel can help scuff up a concrete surface and remove epoxy coatings. When renting, opt for the Diamond Grinder with the attached vacuum for less mess and easier cleanup.

Epoxy Floor Shot Blaster

Epoxy Floor Shot Blaster

Option 2: Shot Blaster

Shot blasting can help remove epoxy paint from a concrete floor, and it can help prep the surface if you are planning to repaint it. This method removes the paint by chipping it away using tiny steel balls. When renting, opt for the Diamond Grinder with the attached vacuum for less mess and easier cleanup.

Steps to Remove Epoxy Coating

  1. Wear protective clothing, eyewear, respirators, ear muffs, and gloves.
  2. Follow all instructions that are included to use from your local rental yard.
  3. Start in the far inside corners and work your way back and forth to the outside of the garage or concrete area.
  4. Once done, clean the surface by removing all dust and sand particles with a shop vac.
  5. Inspect the area for 100% removal of all old coating. Spot treat again if needed for any missed areas.

Removing an Epoxy Coating is easy when using the proper removal tools.  When following the proper steps your new Epoxy Coating will last for many years!

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Allan Weikel
Allan Weikel
1 year ago

Greetings! I work at a radio station overseas and it is our desire to recoat a floor in our main operating area. The floor was originally sealed over 10 years ago with epoxy coating using the available colors that our local supplier had available. I have attached a photo of our existing floor. It has held up fairly well but we desire to recoat the all of the flooring with only one color with a US manufactured product. According to a recent review your organization performed, Restore a Garage was rated as the best overall coating. I read your articles… Read more »

Floor Photo.jpg
art leigh
art leigh
1 year ago

What is your opinion of Epoxy Coat brand epoxy floor pain?

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