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How to Seal Stamped Concrete 5/5 (10)

Stamped concrete is simply concrete that is patterned or textured to bear a resemblance to brick, flagstone, stone, slate, tile, wood, and various other surfaces. It can be used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, and pool decks. Normally a base color is chosen to reflect the natural color of the material it resembles. An accent color is also commonly used which gives the stamped concrete some texture.

To protect the appearance of stamped concrete, it is best to seal it. The right stamped concrete sealer will keep the surface looking good for many years. Concrete sealer can also revive an existing stamped concrete surface.

Benefits of Sealing Stamped Concrete

  • Prevents color fading caused by U.V. rays
  • Improves appearance
  • Protects from stains
  • Locks out moisture
  • Reduces chance of freeze/thaw damage
  • Protects from deicing salts and chemicals

Surface Preparation

Like any surface, you will need to wash the stamped concrete before sealing it. Use a concrete cleaner and a stiff brush or pressure washer. Remove any dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and any other stains. For severe mold/mildew, a mild bleach solution can work well. Follow the directions on the concrete cleaner and be sure to rinse well. Allow the stamped concrete to dry for a day or so before applying concrete sealer.

Choosing a Concrete Sealer

Stamped concrete sealers are offered in a variety of gloss levels, ranging from matte or non-gloss to high-gloss or “wet” look. The sealer can be applied using a brush, roller, or a quality metal sprayer. Cheap plastic garden sprayers do not work well as the sealer is too thick.

Concrete Sealer Application

Once the surface has completely dried, start applying the sealer evenly on the surface. Avoid “puddling” of the sealer; back brush any areas that start to pond or puddle up. Depending on the product and the type of finish you want, a second coat may be necessary. For glossy or “wet” look concrete sealers, additional coats can add more shine but be sure to follow the directions on the label and wait for the adequate dry time between coats. Once the entire surface is sealed, stay off the sealed concrete for the suggested amount of  time, usually at least 24-48 hours.

Keeping your stamped concrete surfaces maintained will improve the look and value of your property. Protecting stamped concrete from the elements, stains, and other contaminants is certainly the best way to protect your investment.

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43 responses to “How to Seal Stamped Concrete”

  1. Teresa says:

    I have read that using a matte concrete sealer is better because they are easier to clean than high gloss sealers. It also shows less scratching. Is this true?

  2. Keira says:

    I lost my color on my stamped concrete. Is there anyway to add color back into the concrete and then seal?

  3. Sal says:

    I am in Northern Cal, have a horizontal stamped concrete patio 10×15 ft. Never stained or painted or sealed before. I am seeing water marks on the areas where my lawn sprinklers splash water on the concrete. Look ugly, so I am looking to get rid of those water marks and seal my stamped concrete patio. I used a 'Seal Krete 2-in-1 etch n clean' from lowe's. Followed directions on that product, used a garden watering can to apply it after diluting 1/2 gallon with 1 gallon of water. But this has left some stains on my concrete now, and it did not bring the parts of the concrete that had water damage back to normal. I fear now if I apply the SuperSeal VOC that I purchased to seal and create wetlook may not give me the expected uniform appearance, please advise on how to properly prepare my stamped concrete before appplying the superseal VOC. I think the stains now are due to un uniform ethching of my concrete, some parts are very rough to touch than others. I should have used a sprayer to apply the etch n clean liquid, but I did not have one, Please advise how to correct and go forward now

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Sal, it is not possible to fix the texture now. Does it look uniform in appearance when wet with water?

      • Sal says:

        when wet with water, it looks somewhat uniform, better than when dry, but still those spots where the 'etch n clean' was applied can be seen.

  4. kim says:

    I am getting ready to reseal a 7 year old faded stamped concrete patio. Can I just pressure wash it and apply a thin coat of SuperSeal 25 or do I have to use a concrete cleaner first? From the info I found on line it sounds like pressure washing it and letting it dry should be sufficient considering it has been 7 years since the walkway was sealed.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Kim, it should be unless you have a stain to remove or the old sealer has discolored and failed.

  5. Erma says:

    The old sealer has discolored leaving whitish flaky spots, how do I prepare this surface to reapply sealer, and what went wrong?

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Erma, it could be many reasons that it turned white. It does need to be stripped prior to resealing. Do a google search for \”Concrete Sealer Stripper\” We use a brand made by Clemons Concrete Coatings

  6. Alison says:

    I have a very old concrete bird bath. Can it be sealed to protect it from further wear? What product should I use?

  7. isfearitself says:

    We recently had a contractor install a stamped, stained concrete patio. It looks great. However, when it gets wet, dark stains appear. They then disappear when it dries. We thought maybe it wasn't sealed correctly. After all, the contractor said the sealant needed to remain dry for the first 24 hours, yet he sealed it on a day when it rained heavily after only 4 hours. The general contractor says the stains are actually signs of needed permeability, citing this article:…. So, my question is are these disappearing spots okay or signs of trouble down the road? Thanks.

  8. paul says:

    I have a small new stamped concrete walk way. When should you seal it? Right way or do you have to wait 30 days like some directions i have seen say.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Paul, waiting depends on the sealer you use. Some are cure and seals and can be applied right away. SuperSeal25 is such a sealer can be applied right away.

  9. CORY HEIT says:

    Need your help. I had a colored, stamped concrete floor installed in a bathroom and shower area and the installer initially did a cure and seal… was supposed to apply a sealer but closed his business and left the state. Now a year later I need to seal this floor, should have earlier. I like the wet look and want a durable, long term sealer. Any recommendations??

  10. Dawn Solt says:

    Help please! Had a salt water pool installed four years ago. Pool builder never did anything to pool deck…just left natural. After several years, cement cracked in one spot and seemed to be fading. So, we had company come out and apply an acrylic sealer/stain, but after the application had dried, the surface appeared to have milky white spots all over it. What would be the reason for this?

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Dawn, it can be many reason that it turned white and there is not one fix that will work for all scenarios. It is probably moisture trapped. Try applying a solvent called xylene to the area and see if the white spots disappear. If they do not, than you will need to strip off the sealer and start over.

  11. Charlie says:

    Do you know how much I should expect to pay (ballpark) to have my 6-8 yr old deck washed and sealed. 1450 sq ft?

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      It varies on the surface type, sealer type, and where you live. Probably a $1 to $2 a sq. foot.

  12. Steve says:

    Pressure washing was done with too fine a tip and left noticeable lines on the concrete surface. Is there anything that can be done to remove those lines before resealing? Thanks!

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      No you cannot remove pressure washing lines that have scored or damaged the surface. If you cannot see the lines when wet with water then there is a good chance you will not see the lines if you apply a wet look sealer.

  13. Josie says:

    Just had my concrete done two days ago , how long do I wait to put the sealer on?

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      With stamped concrete you can seal right away if using a sealer that is both a cure and seal. Use the Super Seal 25, Super Seal 30, or the Super Seal Matte for this.

  14. Charlene hart says:

    We had new concrete poured. The front walk was stamped and sealed. However, right at the front door extending some past the porch which is covered, there is a dark discoloration. The contractor thinks it happened due to temperature differences. He is not sure it can be fixed. Is there any way to remove the stain or disguise the discoloration with another stain?

  15. Brandi says:

    I just had stamped concrete layed in my backyard. It was sealed 2 weeks ago. Most parts look nice and smooth but there is one area that is very rough and dull and it seems to be spreading. Is this normal or should I have the contractor come back out and re-seal?

  16. dbooms says:

    I sealed my stamped concrete with Diamond Clear with one thin coat, and the next day I went over it again with another thin coat. About three hours later, we had an unexpected light rain. So far, it looks good. Should I expect a white haze or blemishes? If so, what's the best remedy? A xylene wash?

  17. R grewal says:

    I put bear premium wet look sealer.after the second coat it shows white spot how can I fix it

  18. Jan Russell says:

    Our new stamped concrete patio was sealed yesterday – we could walk on it after an hour – but how long do I need to wait before putting our patio furniture out?

  19. James says:

    I have a 9 year old stamped concrete patio where much of the sealer has gone away, but around the edges and under the table still have a coating. (last re-sealed 3 years ago). What is the best sealer to use to re-coat? And do I have to worry about the difference in areas that still have a coating and those that don't?

    Also in the past, when it rains, I have had areas that got milky white for a couple of days? is this normal?

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      The milky white is trapped moisture under the old sealer. Hard to say if it will blend when resealed. I would think so. Look at Masonry Saver Decorative Concrete Sealer for this one.

  20. Deonna says:

    We had a new stamped concrete patio installed. They colored it antique grey which looked great. However after they sealed it many large white patches appreared. He said he was fixing it but all there is is dark wet areas. He says he needs to seal. However the large white patches are still visible. Is there a way to fix this?

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