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I am Scott Paul, a leading exterior paver restoration contractor and business owner with over 30 years of experience in sealing and protecting. For info about who I am, please read my full bio here.

My Tips for the Best Shiny Brick Paver Sealers in 2024

Hi, it’s that time of year to restore your brick pavers. Below is an updated article for 2024 discusses the pros and cons of shiny brick paver sealers. I want your input if you have questions or have used a shiny brick paver sealer! Feel free to leave me a comment with any pictures below.

Paver sealers come in several finishes, ranging from matte or semi-gloss to high gloss or wet-look appearance. In this article, I want to address shiny paver sealers and how they differ from other finishes, such as a wet-look sealer, and yes, there is a difference.

All paver sealers help solidify sand joints between pavers, lock out unwanted moisture, reduce weed growth, reduce freeze-thaw damage, and create a beautiful, long-lasting finish. In terms of the final finish of a sealer, a matte finish will not alter the appearance of the pavers, while a shiny paver sealer will leave a glossy appearance. A wet-look sealer will leave the pavers looking wet even after the sealer has dried but is not designed to add shine.

High Gloss Brick Paver Sealers

Most shiny paver sealers are solvent-based but contain a high percentage of solids, typically acrylic. The higher the percentage of solids, the shinier the overall finish. For example, a paver sealer containing 25% solids would be considered semi-gloss, meaning it would have a slightly shiny appearance. Moreover, a higher percentage, like 30% solids, will result in a high-gloss finish. This glossy finish is not for everyone, but many prefer the shiny look.

My Shiny Brick Paver Sealer Photos

One downside to a shiny paver sealer is that it can be slightly slippery at first. However, We have found that the slippery condition diminishes significantly after several weeks of curing and weathering. Shiny paver sealers are thick and usually best applied with a large brush, stain pad, or roller. Most are too dense to apply using a pump-up or airless sprayer. Also, they do not cover as much square footage per gallon as a thinner sealer might. But as long as you know what to expect, shiny paver sealers can be an excellent choice. They can enhance the natural beauty of your pavers while providing a long-lasting, glossy appearance.

What is the Highest Gloss Paver Sealer?

Sealing your exterior hard surfaces is a great way to keep them looking good while providing weather protection. Surfaces around the home that can be sealed range from brick pavers, stamped concrete, acid-stained concrete, exposed aggregate, and all other types of decorative concrete.

Sealing pavers and other surfaces serve two purposes. One, of course, is to prolong the life of the substrate. A quality sealer will protect the surface from staining and weather damage. A penetrating sealer will block unwanted moisture and protect against salt and de-icing chemicals, acid rain, and erosion.

The second reason many homeowners seal pavers and concrete is for aesthetic purposes. Giving a patio, pool deck, driveway, sidewalk, or other hardscape surfaces a wet or glossy look can be very appealing. This can increase your property’s curb appeal and value.

Many homeowners like the look of a high-gloss paver sealer. The highest-gloss paver sealer is a solvent-based, breathable acrylic sealer like SuperSeal 30. This high-solid content paver sealer gives the surface a glossy, rich shine that is hard to beat. The higher the solid content of acrylic, the higher the gloss when dried. Applying more than one sealer application will also result in a more excellent sheen.

Using the highest gloss paver sealer will make your hard surface stand out and ensure excellent weather protection. This is an intelligent way to protect the investment of your hardscapes and increase your home’s overall appearance.

Glossy Brick Paver Sealers

Glossy Brick Paver Sealers

The highest gloss paver sealer darkens the color and adds that rich, appealing look without any side effects. A product like SuperSeal 30 is easy to maintain with a light cleaning and recoat every few years. The fact that it is also a breathable acrylic minimizes any chance of hazing caused by trapped moisture.

In my professional opinion, SuperSeal 30 is one of the highest-gloss paver sealers available. It does an excellent job and is perfect for all decorative concrete surfaces. Give your hardscape surfaces a high-gloss protective finish to ensure added value and protection.

The Best Shiny Brick Paver Sealers Video


How I Apply Brick Paver Sealer Easily

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Bill Ward
Bill Ward
2 years ago

I have a 1500sft. Building and want to seal the concrete but cannot etch because of the galvanized base, does your sealer need to be etched to stick.

david falgate
david falgate
5 years ago

hi is the away to remove sealer from my patio sand stone as I have salts trap beneath

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