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SuperSeal Matte Review 5/5 (1)

The line of SuperSeal Paver and Concrete Sealers by Clemons Concrete Coatings is popular among professionals and homeowners alike. The SuperSeal Matte review is similar to their higher content sealers but with an additive that reduces the shine. SuperSeal Matte will darken the appearance and add a slight wet look without the high gloss finish. The SuperSeal Matte is a toned down wet look solvent-based sealer that is best used on decorative and stamped concrete as well as exposed aggregate and brick pavers. It can be applied to paver sand joints and will help harden and solidify the sand to reduce unwanted weed growth and erosion.

SuperSeal Matte is a non-yellowing acrylic polymer resin formula that will not create a cloudy or white haze like other more inferior paver and concrete sealers. This product is not VOC compliant in California but can be shipped to most other states. SuperSeal Matte can be applied using a roller or a quality metal pump sprayer. The breathable formula forms a film barrier to help reduce the effects of weathering. Added UV blockers and light stabilizers aid in UV fading and discoloring of the surface. Tests revealed that SuperSeal Matte Concrete Sealer retained 70% of its initial wet look after 2 years and did not yellow or haze.

SuperSeal Matte Paver Sealer has a spread rate of around 100 feet per gallon depending on the surface porosity. The satin shine will also vary depending on the substrate being sealed. SuperSeal Matte Sealer will enhance the beauty of colored concrete and brick pavers and aid in color retention. It can help to revive older more faded surfaces as well. The surface is slightly slippery immediately after application but is not an issue after fully curing for 2 weeks. In the most recent SuperSeal Matte review high scores were given in overall appearance, durability, and longevity of the product once applied.

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  1. Amy For says:

    Where can I but the super seal matte?

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