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Behr Premium Waterproofer Review

Behr Concrete Waterproofer

Behr Concrete Waterproofer

A premium interior/exterior waterproofing formula that uses the latest water-based silicone technology designed to penetrate surfaces up to 1/2″. This waterproofer creates a barrier inside the surface that keeps water out, but lets trapped water vapors escape; reducing corrosion, spalling, efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage. It reduces staining due to mold, mildew, algae growth and ensures greater durability of the surface. The protection is not worn away with normal use. It protects long after the water beading is gone!

Concrete Sealer Ingredients: Silicon

Concrete Sealer Type: Invisible Water Repellent. Does not change appearance.

Behr Premium Waterproofer Scores (1-10)

Ease of Application: 7

– The Behr Premium Waterproofer is very thin in consistency and looks like you are applying white water. The issue we had is that the sprayer kept getting clogged from large white chunks in the sealer. After running the sealer through a screen, we did not have any more issues. Very frustrating though!

Water Repellency: 7

– After a few days, we tested the Behr Premium Waterproofer with a hose. Light saturation on the water beaded well. Heavy saturation and the sealer did not repel the water very well.

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