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SuperSeal30 Paver and Concrete Sealer Review

SuperSeal30 Concrete Sealer

SuperSeal30 Concrete Sealer

SuperSeal30 is a Higher Gloss Concrete Sealer that can be used for many different types of concrete surfaces. SuperSeal30 is very popular for Brick Paver Patios, Exposed Aggregate, and Stamped Concrete. This sealer will darken the appearance and leave a shine.

The SuperSeal30 is a solvent based breathable acrylic sealer.

SuperSeal30 Paver and Concrete Sealer Scores (1-10)

Wet Look: 10

– SuperSeal30 contains 30% solid content of acrylic. It darkened our 4-year-old paver patio as if wet with water and stayed that way after drying. Enhanced the natural red and brown tones in our paver bricks.

Gloss Level: 9

– The high solid content of the SuperSeal gave our paver patio a high gloss shine. The overall appearance on out test patio was quite rich looking but not too shiny that it looked “fake”. The sealer was slightly slippery for the first couple of weeks when it rained but after full curing, that was not an issue.

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SuperSeal25 Semi-Gloss Paver and Concrete Sealer Review

SuperSeal25 Concrete Sealer

SuperSeal25 Concrete Sealer

SuperSeal25 is a Semi-Gloss Concrete Sealer that can be used for Brick Paver Patios, Exposed Aggregate, and Stamped Concrete. This sealer will darken the appearance and leave a shine similar to a semi-gloss.

The SuperSeal25 is a 25% solid solvent based breathable acrylic sealer and curing compound. This product is suitable for use on interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

SuperSeal25 Paver and Concrete Sealer Scores (1-10)

Wet Look: 10

– SuperSeal25 darkened the paver driveway very well giving the surface a much needed enhanced look. All of the colors in the pavers stood out, restoring the original look.

Gloss Level: 8

– SuperSeal25 contains 25% solids. This left a semi-gloss shine to our driveway.  The sealer dried in a few hours and we were able to drive on the surface the next day.

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SuperSeal Matte Review

The line of SuperSeal Paver and Concrete Sealers by Clemons Concrete Coatings is popular among professionals and homeowners alike. The SuperSeal Matte review is similar to their higher content sealers but with an additive that reduces the shine. SuperSeal Matte will darken the appearance and add a slight wet look without the high gloss finish. The SuperSeal Matte is a toned down wet look solvent-based sealer that is best used on decorative and stamped concrete as well as exposed aggregate and brick pavers. It can be applied to paver sand joints and will help harden and solidify the sand to reduce unwanted weed growth and erosion.

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Shiny vs Wet Look Paver Sealer What is the Difference?

Sealing pavers is an excellent way to enhance and preserve their appearance. There are certain paver sealers that will bring out the natural colors of the pavers while locking out moisture, which will help preserve and increase their longevity. The sealer also helps to solidify the sand joints and can help with weed growth and freeze/thaw damage that may occur in colder climates.

There are several different finishes involved with paver sealers. A matte finish will not alter the appearance of the pavers at all but will still preserve the surface and keep out unwanted moisture. Typically a matte finish sealer is water-based. Besides a matte finish you can also go for a shiny or wet look. So what is the difference between a shiny vs. wet look paver sealer? There is a slight difference in appearance and also in the formula that makes up either sealer.

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Best Sealer for New Pavers

Newly installed pavers can add curb appeal to your outdoor areas as well as create a usable surface. A new paver installation will not stay looking new long unless it is protected from normal use and natural elements. Unprotected pavers will begin to lose color and may shift or become damaged due to unwanted water intrusion. Weeds will begin to grow up in the sand joints causing an unsightly appearance. Heaving and shifting of the pavers may occur due to freeze and thaw damage. To avoid these issues and protect your new paver invest it is important to apply a paver sealer.

A quality paver sealer will protect against color fading, water intrusion, sand erosion and weed growth keeping your pavers looking new. The best sealer for new pavers comes down to several choices. For an enhanced appearance and superb protection, try SuperSeal 25 or SuperSeal 30. These solvent based sealers contain a high percentage of solids giving new pavers a glossy wet look while offering all the protection they need from harsh elements and foot traffic. SuperSeal will also penetrate the sand joints to create a solid joint free from erosion and weed invasion.

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Best Paver Sealer With Wet Look But No Shine

In order to preserve pavers it is necessary to seal them. This solidifies the sand joints, helps reduce weed growth, locks out moisture, and reduces freeze/thaw damage. Sealing pavers can also enhance their natural beauty. There are several different finishes available for brick pavers. A matte finish would protect the pavers from the elements but would not alter their appearance. For those looking for a more enhanced look that is not shiny or glossy, a “wet look” may be the answer.

A wet look appearance is just like the name implies, the bricks look wet but not shiny. The wet look sealers are also less slippery when wet unlike glossy finishes. The best paver sealer with wet look but no shine comes down to a couple of choices. One of the best according to the reviews for the best paver sealer with wet look but no shine is Supreme Shield SB-600 Paver Sealer. This solvent based penetrating sealer results in an enhanced color, wet look finish without the fake glossy or plastic appearance. Supreme Shield SB-600 is water, salt, stain, and oil resistant to protect your pavers and preserve their beauty. This easy to use paver sealer is perfect for stamped concrete, concrete pavers, as well as other porous concrete surfaces.

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Acrylic Based Paver Sealers

Acrylic based paver sealers are formulated to seal and protect concrete and brick pavers leaving a wet look high gloss finish. They can be applied to previously coated or bare surfaces. Many of the acrylic based paver sealers are sold at local hardware and big box stores and paint outlets. Doing some research on acrylic based paver sealer leaves quit a bit of concern. When tested these products performed less than expected and some even made the surface look worse than it did prior to application.

One of the problems reported by homeowners using acrylic based paver sealers is an overall lack of gloss. These product are marketed to leave a beautiful “wet look” glossy finish but in most cases, even after applying 2 coats the finish was a matte sheen at best. Many customers leaving reviews report mostly a lack of that deep rich look they were hoping for. Joint sand hardening is average but nowhere near the solidity a quality solvent based paver sealer will provide.

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How to Seal Pavers

Due to harsh weather conditions such as rain and harmful UV rays, it becomes necessary to protect exterior surfaces. The same goes for landscape pavers. Simply put, pavers will last longer and retain more of their original beauty if they are sealed and maintained on a regular basis.

Knowing how to seal pavers correctly can save you a lot of time and effort. It can also mean the difference between a simple weekend DIY project or having to hire it out to a professional. To seal pavers of any sort you first have to clean the surface. This most likely means using a pressure washer. If no stains are present on the pavers then using chemicals is not necessary. A pressure washer will remove any dirt, grime and pesky weeds or moss that have grown up through the sand joints. If stains are present like irrigation rust or oil then use a cleaner specific to that stain.

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Adding Non Slip Additive to Paver Sealers

Some paver sealers can create a “slippery when wet” scenario. This is more evident with the high gloss or wet look type of paver sealers. You can create more traction to a sealer by adding a non slip additive to the paver sealer before it is applied. The non slip additive is mixed into the sealer prior to application.

Non slip additives like Super Grip will only work with sealers that leave a film on the paver surface to enhance the appearance. It works best when it is mix in and applied with the second coat. It will not work with a single coat on surfaces that have not been previously sealed. Non slip additives will not work with sealers that penetrate into the paver surface and do not alter the appearance.

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Highest Gloss Paver Sealer

High Gloss Paver Sealer

High Gloss Paver Sealer

What is the Highest Gloss Paver Sealer?

Sealing your exterior hard surfaces is a great way to keep them looking good while providing weather protection. Surfaces around the home that can be sealed range from brick pavers, stamped concrete, acid stained concrete, exposed aggregate, and all other types of decorative concrete.

Sealing pavers and other surfaces serves two purposes. One of course is to prolong the life of the substrate. A quality sealer will protect the surface from staining and weather damage. A penetrating sealer will block unwanted moisture, protect against salt and de-icing chemicals, acid rain, and erosion.

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