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Adding Tint or Color to Pavers and Concrete

To change the appearance of pavers and concrete you can have tint or color added. This can be done to concrete or pavers that are being poured from a wet cement mix. The color can be added to the batch before it is poured into the form. For pavers or concrete that already exist, you can apply and colored concrete stain to the surface to change the appearance.

Once the tint or color is added to pavers or concrete the surface should then be sealed to help lock in the new color and protect the surface from harsh weather. As the sun beats down on concrete and paver surfaces the UV rays can break down the chemical bonds and fade the color like a bleaching effect. Some surfaces are more prone to fading such as those like pavers and concrete that have had dye color added to them. The darker the color the more prone it is to fading.

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