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Glaze N Seal Wet Look Sealer Review

Glaze N Seal Wet Look

Glaze N Seal Wet Look

The original Glaze N Seal “Wet Look” Lacquer provides beautiful high gloss protection to decorative concrete, masonry, and natural stone. For use on porous materials. A clear, non-yellowing sealer that resists tough oils, water, and acid – indoors and outdoors. Deep bonding formula resists peeling, cracking, UV degradation and efflorescence. Great for driveways, patios, fountains, and pond.

Glaze ’N Seal is a crystal clear, high solids acrylic coating designed to protect and beautify concrete, masonry and tile surfaces. This super-tough film was formulated for interior or exterior use. Walk on it – drive on it (it does reject organic stains). It offers ultimate protection in a clear finish.

Brick Paver Patio – 1 coat applied.

Glaze N Seal Wet Look Sealer Scores (1-10)

Wet Look: 8

– Glaze N Seal Wet Look is an excellent wet look sealer. The brick paver patio that we applied to had never been sealed since it was installed 6 years ago. The Glaze N Seal enhanced the gray and red paver bricks as if they were wet with water. The customer was very happy after application.

Gloss Level: 6

– Of the solvent based sealers, Glaze N Seal Wet Look is not the shiniest. The final gloss level after applying 2 coats was a nice matte shine.

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