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Adding Non Slip Additive to Paver Sealers

Some paver sealers can create a “slippery when wet” scenario. This is more evident with the high gloss or wet look type of paver sealers. You can create more traction to a sealer by adding a non slip additive to the paver sealer before it is applied. The non slip additive is mixed into the sealer prior to application.

Non slip additives like Super Grip will only work with sealers that leave a film on the paver surface to enhance the appearance. It works best when it is mix in and applied with the second coat. It will not work with a single coat on surfaces that have not been previously sealed. Non slip additives will not work with sealers that penetrate into the paver surface and do not alter the appearance.

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Best Sealer for Pool Concrete Patio or Pavers

Best Sealer for Pool Paver Patio

Best Sealer for Pool Paver Patio

What is Best Sealer for Pool Patio Concrete or Pavers that is not slippery?

If you are a homeowner that is lucky enough to have a pool you know how enjoyable they can be. Although there is some maintenance involved, pools can create a lot of fun family times. When it comes to the hard surfaces around your pool, they can be just as important to maintain as the pool itself.

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