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How to Water Proof Concrete

Most concrete surfaces will last a very long time when they are properly maintained. Maintaining a concrete surface is no different than other surfaces, it just needs to be cleaned periodically and protected from the elements. Harsh weather and climate can take its toll on concrete that is not water proofed. When water and moisture are able to penetrate concrete it can cause all types of problems. Most notably, constant moisture can create mold, mildew, and algae buildup. This can break down the concrete overtime and is extremely unsightly. It can also create a slippery when wet surface, which can be dangerous.

In climates that see below freezing weather in the winter, freeze and thaw damage is very common. When moisture penetrates the concrete and freezes it expands. This can cause chipping, cracking, and heaving of the concrete literally breaking it up and ruining the structure. Repairing this type of damage can be costly. The good news is that it is avoidable with some regular maintenance. The best protection you can give any type of concrete surface is to water proof it so water and moisture cannot penetrate the surface.

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How to Water Proof Concrete

How to Water Proof Exterior Concrete, Brick and Masonry

When water is able to penetrate concrete, it can cause all sorts of damage. Water and moisture absorption causes concrete to swell, which can lead to pitting, cracking, and heaving. In colder climates, freeze and thaw damage is a major concern. As water gets into the concrete and freezes it expands causing major damage if neglected.

To prevent damage of concrete, the surface should be water proofed. Water proofing concrete creates a water repellent barrier to lock out moisture. This stops all water related damage from occurring. In addition, waterproofing concrete will also prevent spills and stains from penetrating and potentially leaving permanent staining.

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