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Paver Sealer Turned White! How to Fix?

Protecting pavers from the elements is an important part of maintaining their appearance and longevity. This can be done by periodically applying a paver sealer to block out moisture and fading UV rays. A paver sealer will also hinder weed growth, moss, and mildew from growing in the paver joints and on the surface. It can also reduce sand joint erosion as well.

Certain paver sealers are better than others. There have been complaints from homeowners using inferior paver sealers that most commonly say the sealer has turned white. A milky white appearance on the surface of pavers can occur when a low-quality paver sealer is used. This milky or cloudy white appearance is extremely unsightly and can be difficult to fix. The white hue is a sure sign that the sealer has failed and now needs to be dealt with in a way that will completely fix the problem.

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How to Clean Efflorescence from Bricks

Efflorescence Brick Pavers

Efflorescence Brick Pavers

How to Clean White Efflorescence from Bricks and Concrete

Efflorescence is a white deposit of water soluble salts that can appear on masonry bricks. It can be a fine powdery substance or a crystallized buildup. Depending on the type of salts present it can also appear green, brown, or yellow. Efflorescence happens when soluble alkalis are present in the brick or grout and moisture is able to penetrate the brick forcing salt deposits to the surface. This can happen a month after the brick was laid or as long as a year later.

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H&C Concrete Sealer Wet Look Review

H&C Sealer Wet Look

H&C Sealer Wet Look

H&C Concrete Sealer Wet Look Water-based is a premium quality 100% clear acrylic sealer that will enhance and protect previously coated, bare concrete, and other masonry surfaces.  It is a single component, nationally compliant sealer that can be applied to both interior or exterior applications.  H&C Concrete Sealer Wet Look Water-based will apply milky white to ensure complete coverage but dries to a transparent, durable gloss finish.

Tested on Brick Pavers – 2 coats applied.

H&C Concrete Sealer Wet Look Scores (1-10)

Wet Look: 5

– Being that this sealer is H&C’s designated “wet look” sealer, we expected a much richer look. The sealer did darken the surface but only slightly. Not on par with other water based sealers and not even close to a good solvent based sealer.

Gloss Level: 4

– H&C  Wet Look Sealer had little to no gloss for the first coat and a matte sheen after the second coat.

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Behr Wet Look Sealer Review

Behr Wet look Sealer

Behr Wet look Sealer

BEHR PREMIUM® WET-LOOK SEALER is a clear, non-yellowing, high solids, acrylic-based masonry sealer. It is formulated to seal, protect and beautify concrete and masonry surfaces with a high gloss, wet-look finish. BEHR PREMIUM WET-LOOK SEALER is also an excellent topcoat for paints and stains.

Applied to a stamped concrete walkway.

Behr Wet Look Sealer Scores (1-10)

Wet Look: 3

– Wet look? The Behr wet look sealer barely changed the appearance of the stamped concrete surface even after two coats. Went on milky white and dried milky as well.

Gloss Level: 3

– Behr claims that their sealer will leave a high gloss shine. After the two coast, we barely saw any remnants of any gloss let alone a high gloss. Very misleading marketing from Behr.

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Stamped Concrete or Paver Sealer Turned White

Paver Sealer Turned White

Paver Sealer Turned White

Why has my Brick Paver or Stamped Concrete Sealer Turned White?

This is a very common question and a fairly common occurrence. Typically this happens to filming acrylic based sealers that leave a shine on the surface. These sealers are typically applied to brick pavers and stamped concrete surfaces to enhance the overall appearance.

There is not one specific reason that your old sealer has blushed by turning white or cloudy so there is not one remedy to fix. In this article, we will go over the main reasons that your sealer has failed so you will be able to fix this problem permanently.

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