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V-Seal Industra-Gloss SB 3/5 (1)

V-Seal Industra Gloss SB

V-Seal Industra Gloss SB

INDUSTRA-GLOSS SB is a high-performance proprietary formulation of pure acrylic resin in a solvent base. Can be used as a cure, sealer and as a stain resistant surface protector. INDUSTRA-GLOSS SB is excellent for exterior and interior on most horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Driveways | Patios | Pavers | Stamped concrete | Garages | Showrooms | Exposed aggregate | Decorative Concrete

Tested on Stamped Concrete – 1 coat applied.

V-Seal Industra-Gloss SB Gloss Scores (1-10)

Wet Look: 9

– V-Seal Industra-Gloss SB gave a beautiful wet look to our stamped concrete patio. This sealer enhanced the red and brown colors extremely well. Exactly what you would expect with a high solid, solvent based acrylic sealer.

Gloss Level: 9

– We applied 1 coat of the V-Seal Industra-Gloss to our stamped concrete. It applied at 150 sq. feet per gallon and the result was a gloss sheen. We did not bother applying a second coat as it did not need it.

Joint Sand Hardening: N/A

– Does not apply.

Fading/Wearing After 2 Years: 7

– This sealer performed fairly well at the t 2 year mark. There was not visible uneven wearing or peeling. The V-Seal Industra-Gloss SB seemed to fade evenly in terms of shine.

White Haze/Yellowing: 4

– This is the only area that the V-Seal Industra-Gloss SB did not perform well. There was a white haze to the surface. It was very noticeable in the areas in full sun and less so where the tables and chairs had been placed.

Overall Score V-Seal Industra-Gloss SB at 2 Year Period: 7.3

– The white haze was a huge disappointment! We really liked the way this sealer looked when applied but having to deal with the blushing, does not make using this sealer worth it. We suspect that being a pure acrylic does not allow this sealer to breathe well. We prefer the styrene acrylic sealers over the pure solid acrylics.

Looks great when applied but turned white in the sunny areas.

Product Information:

Where To Buy Online: V-Seal
Sealer Type: Solvent Based 100% Pure Acrylic Sealer
Types of Substrates: Brick, Brick Pavers, Stamped Concrete, Aggregate
Coats Required: 1-2 coats
Coverage Per Gallon: 100-200 sq. ft
Application Tools: Roller, Airless Sprayer
Dry Time: 1-3 Hours
Cleanup: Xylene
VOC Compliant: Compliant in all States
Manufacturer: V-Seal

Test Stats:

Surface Type: Stamped Concrete Deck
UV Exposure: Around a pool in full sun
How Many Years Tested: 2 Years

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take inconsideration that results may differ due to different surface types, exposure to UV radiation, and traffic.

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