Valspar Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Review  2.6/5 (5)

This post was most recently updated on January 15th, 2024

Valspar Epoxy Coating Review

Valspar Epoxy Coating Review

2024 Valspar Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Ratin

As of 2024, we have found that the Valspar Garage Epoxy Floor Coating does not hold up that well and prematurely, scratches, wears, and peels less than a year. If you have any questions on the Valspar Garage Epoxy Floor Coating, please ask below in our Q&A area. We are here to help!

The Valspar Garage Floor Coating Manufacturer Description

Household chemicals and natural elements break down concrete. Protect and beautify your garage floor with Valspar Garage Floor Coating. With 2X stronger adhesion than the leading competitor and Valspar anti-peel protection, you’ll not only achieve maximum durability, you’ll also enjoy an easy-to-clean finish for years to come. Top with optional Valspar ® Premium Clear Coating to achieve the ultimate showroom finish. Valspar ® Tan and Gray Garage Floor Coating kits come with a corresponding shaker bottle of decorative Color Flakes. Valspar Garage Floor Coating Kit is a water-based two-component epoxy that provides a coating 2X stronger than concrete for the toughest garage floor in one coat. This extreme epoxy formula is fortified with advanced bonding technology to provide superior adhesion and durability. It beautifies and protects with a durable finish that protects against damage from hot tires, gasoline, oil, and wear-and-tear.

Valspar Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Review

Application: 5

– Valspar Garage Epoxy Floor Coating was not easy to apply. The mixing and curing of the product is harder than other brands. The product cures very fast when applying, giving you a very short time period to apply. We applied this to a newer garage floor, about 4 months old. All prep and application instructions were followed.

Gloss Level after Application: 5

– Valspar Epoxy Coating Review gave our test garage a medium to satin gloss shine after 24 hours of drying. We had a very uneven shine level throughout the surface. Some areas looked thicker as well.

Overall Appearance after Application: 5

– Valspar Epoxy Coating Review is hard to apply and it showed. Uneven application, some areas looked thicker than others, etc. We have been applying coatings for 20 years and this applied very poorly. There are numerous reviews online about application issues and the initial appearance of the Valspar Floor Coatings.

Valspar Epoxy Coating Peeling

Valspar Epoxy Coating Peeling

Appearance/Peeling/Wearing After 2 Years: 4

– Valspar Epoxy Coating started peeling and wearing from the car tires within months of application.

Solid Percentage of Epoxy: 6

– The Valspar Epoxy Coating Review is about 50-60% solids by volume.

Overall Score Valspar Epoxy Coating Review at 2 Year Period: 5

– The Valspar Epoxy Coating did not perform very well in our test. Hard to apply, uneven application, thin consistency, and a good amount of wearing after only two months. We prepped and applied the Valspar Floor Coating following all of the required steps. The epoxy came up under all car tires after only a few months and it stuck to our tires when we pulled out of the garage and peeled right up.

As professional concrete restoration contractors, this is the worst epoxy brand we have seen in 20+ years.

Valspar Epoxy Garage Floor Product Information:

Where To Buy: Amazon, Lowes
Coating Type: Two-component, Water-Based Epoxy 45% Solids
Types of Substrates: Garage Floors, Basements, Shop Floors
Coats Required: 1 coat
Coverage Per Gallon: 200 sq. ft per kit
Application Tools: Squeegee, Roller
Dry Time: 12-24 Hours
Cleanup: Water
Manufacturer: Valspar

Valspar Epoxy Garage Floor Test Stats:

Surface Type: 3 Car Garage Floor, never sealed previously. 4 Kits were used
How Many Years Tested: 2 Years

*All products tested and results are from our experience. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take into consideration that results may differ due to different surface types, exposure to UV radiation, and traffic.

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Ed Sadlemyer
Ed Sadlemyer
1 year ago

Used this product several years ago. It held up reasonably well but was wearing plus I had some spalled areas. Repaired the spalled areas, sanded everything and applied another coat. It did not cover that well and was wondering if I could put ANOTHER coat over the first one.
Cannot seem to get an answer anywhere.
Anybody know?

Herbert Richards
Herbert Richards
2 years ago

Can you apply the Valspar top coat when is it expected to rain and temperatures are above 55 degrees? Also, after applying Valspar primer to your floor in your garage can you wait days to adding the topcoat?

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