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Clear Top Coats over Epoxy Coating Update

In this article, we talk about Clear Top Coat Aliphatic Urethanes for Epoxy Coatings? If you have any suggestions or have any questions, please comment below. We love pictures if you have any!

Clear Top Coat Over Epoxy

Clear Top Coat Over Epoxy

Many homeowners and business owners today are looking for ways to increase the longevity of their garage, shop floor, warehouse, or basement floor as it only makes sense to maintain what you own. Proper floor maintenance will not only increase curb appeal of your home or business but can add value as well.

Concrete surfaces do not have to be coated or protected, but once they begin to deteriorate it can be too late to stop it as concrete is very porous and can be prone to degradation from Water, Ultra Violet Radiation, wear, and tear, etc. By using an Epoxy Concrete Coating you can prolong the life of the concrete surface while at the same time making it easier to clean. Applying a Concrete Epoxy Coating is not very hard and is something you can do in a weekend or hire a contractor to do.

Best Clear Top Coat Urethanes

So what is a Clear Top Coat Urethane and why use it over your Epoxy Coating? A Clear Top Coat Urethane is ideal as a top coat over existing coatings and epoxies for all concrete types such as garage floors, warehouse floors, industrial floors, shop floors, basements, concrete patios, concrete, and countertops. They are easy to apply and adds additional protection and gloss over your epoxy coating. They are also used as maintenance coats to restore the shine and while allowing your epoxy coating to look brand new again.

The Benefits of Clear Top Coat Urethanes

  • Can be applied as needed to maintain your current epoxy application so it does not have to be fully redone
  • They come in High Gloss or Satin Finish
  • Provides UV Resistance
  • Increases durability
  • Protects the Decorative Flecks in your Epoxy
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Clear Top Coats will self-level
  • Added protection to the Epoxy Coating
  • Used as a maintenance coat so your Epoxy looks brand new
  • Easy to apply
  • Makes cleaning of the concrete surface easier
  • Using a Clear Top Coat just looks better!

Considering all the benefits of using a Clear Top Coat that it will provide in the long term and short term, there is no reason not to consider using one. Yes, it will cost more money, but it is so worth it!

The Top-Rated Epoxy Concrete Coatings

Concrete Epoxy Coating Reviews

Have any questions on using a Clear Top Coat over your Epoxy? If so, please ask below.

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Michael Rowland
Michael Rowland
7 months ago

Trying to get advice… I used the rust oleum Epoxy Shield 2part system to lay the color and chips to the floor. It’s been 24hrs and I am about to do the clear coat and want to do a Matte finish. The epoxyshied line doesn’t have a matte finish so I want to find out if anyone knows if “rust oleum concrete and garage matte clear coat” is able to go over the two part epoxy system???
on the label it mentions going over a 1 part system.


Michael Rowland
Michael Rowland
7 months ago

Thanks, yes unfortunately the damage is done. What product would you suggest next time.

G Frye
G Frye
8 months ago

What is the name of the urethane product used to top coat a 2 part epoxy ?

Dan Beneteau
Dan Beneteau
1 year ago

Can you apply a satin or matte finish over a high gloss clear concrete sealer thats been down for about 5 years now?

Gary A
Gary A
3 years ago

Is the satin finish slippery as the gloss finish?

Stuart in Ohio
Stuart in Ohio
4 years ago

I have an Epoxy coating that was professionaly done aout 4 years ago. It looks good and has not peeled. I would like to apply a glossy top coating over it so it looks better and lasts longer. What is the best way to apply and do I need any special prep? TIA!

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