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What is the Best Concrete Sealer? 4.7/5 (106)

Best Concrete Sealers2017 is here and time to review and apply a new concrete sealer. This article is one of our top articles related to concrete sealers and there has been over 2100 Comments and Questions. If you need advice on What is the Best concrete Sealer for you, please ask below in the comment area.

Concrete comes in many different types and substrates that can be found both for both interior and exterior applications. There are Concrete Driveways, Vertical Brick Walls, Brick Paver Patios, Basement Floors, etc. Concrete is very porous and can be prone to degradation from Water, Ultra Violet Radiation, wear, and tear, etc. By sealing or waterproofing your concrete surface you will add life and protection to your surface.

So what is the Best Concrete Sealer?

The answer to that is dependent on why you are sealing, what surface you are trying to seal, and what your final expectations are.

There are many different types of sealers for concrete and masonry surfaces. Concrete sealers come in both water based and solvent based formulas. They come in generic formulas for all surfaces or formulas that are specific to the surface you are applying to. For example, you would want a Brick Paver Sealer for a Paver Patio and a Chimney Sealant for your Chimney but you could use MasonrySaver All Purpose Water Repellent for both.

So why seal your concrete or brick? The main reasons to seal and waterproof your concrete are:

1. Preventing hairline cracks due to water expansion during freeze/that cycles.

2. Prevent water penetration and seepage of water through walls and foundations.

3. Enhance the appearance by adding a gloss or darkening the overall color.

4. Prevent damage from deicing salts during winter months.

5. Provide protection from “Pitting” or “Spalling” or deterioration of the concrete causing chunks of the concrete to separate from the concrete structure.

Once we understand the surface we are treating and what the reasons we are treating the surface for, then we can narrow down what would be the best concrete sealer to use.

Here is an example of concrete surface in Florida (answers in Red):

1. What State do you live in? Florida

2. Interior or Exterior concrete surface? Exterior

3. Vertical or Horizontal application? Horizontal

4. Change or enhance appearance (gloss or wet look) or no change of appearance? Wet Look/Gloss

5. Type of surface examples: Driveway, Paver Patio, Brick Wall, etc. Paver Driveway

Based on the answers you would want a sealer that is specific to brick pavers, gives excellent UV resistance since it is in Florida while adding a shiny enhanced look. Based on these questions you would want to look at:

  • SuperSeal25
  • SuperSeal30
  • MasonrySaver Paver Sealer.

Feel free to answer these questions for help choosing the “the best concrete sealers for me”. Just post a comment below and based on your answers, we will suggest a couple of different options of what sealant or water repellent you should use:

Please include any additional information that would be useful!

Make Sure to Include Answers to the 5 Questions in Comment Area Below!

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2,636 responses to “What is the Best Concrete Sealer?”

  1. Neil says:

    1. Louisiana
    2. Interior
    3. Horizontal
    4. Wet look / Gloss
    5. Newly poured slab for interior retail/hair salon space. Slab was trowel finished and is fairly smooth. Current color of slab is ok, just want to obtain the wet look/glossy finish and provide a finish that repels stains / dyes and is easy to clean. Would like finish to hold up in high foot traffic areas for several years.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. james Streacker says:

    Winter home in South Florida w/good grade to drive to street. Been pressure washed twice since poured concrete six years ago. Some pigment obviously washed in this washing.

    Want to seal this area along with the walks with the best product to prevent tires marks, and mildewing from year to year as well as maintaining the appearance of the concrete. Are you suggesting a silicone protection or what is your preferred suggestion ???

  3. Lisa says:

    1. What State do you live in? Florida
    2. Interior or Exterior concrete surface? Exterior
    3. Vertical or Horizontal application? Horizontal
    4. Change or enhance appearance (gloss or wet look) or no change of appearance? Wet
    5. Type of surface examples: Driveway, Paver Patio, Brick Wall, etc. Concrete edging.

  4. Deb says:

    1. What State do you live in? Texas

    2. Interior or Exterior concrete surface? Exterior

    3. Vertical or Horizontal application? Horizontal

    4. Change or enhance appearance (gloss or wet look) or no change of appearance? No change

    5. Type of surface examples: concrete Driveway, concrete Patio

  5. Danny says:

    1. California
    2. Exterior
    3. Horizontal
    4. Gloss/wet look
    5. Balcony

  6. Janet Williams says:

    4.wet look
    6.two places
    A. Cement drive very old
    B.Brick walkway new 2016
    Can you seal rubber patio blocks

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Wet look sealers will not work on rubber or regular poured concrete. They are for decorative type surfaces like pavers and stamped concrete. Is your brick walkway concrete brick pavers?

  7. Kristin says:

    Horizontal and Vertical
    no change of appearance
    Stamped Concrete patio, pour in place pool coping for salt water pool, stacked stone surround pool

  8. Ding Yson says:

    Horizontal and Vertical
    Wet Look/Gloss
    Concrete Courtyard with Behr Granite Grip just applied yesterday

    Thanks much for your help !

  9. Lec says:

    No change
    Poured driveway, new

  10. Matthew says:

    No change
    Drive way

  11. Sandy says:

    Horizontal-cement porch surface
    Vertical-brick front
    No change appearance
    Cement & brick 18 months ago. Put Thompson's on as recommended by installer. & Told only use sand for ice during winter which really doesn't work well. After this winter now have 3 pit spots. Obviously need more protection what do you suggest — sealer? Pit spots? Winter deicer?

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Pitting will happen no matter what in a cold weather state like MI. Try the Masonry saver Heavy Duty Water Repellent.

  12. Jim says:

    Indiana exterior gloss horizontal driveway

  13. Donnell Horn says:

    I live in Minnesota and just got done staining my pagodas. Want to go with a natural look. No shine. Some parts of the pagoda I left the white cement color. No staining but when touched it leaves powder on your hands. They will be outside and stand vertically.

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Penetrating sealers will not work over a stained concrete surface. They will not be able to soak in.

  14. Matthew Morgan says:

    I live in San Antonio, Texas
    Exterior concrete driveway (old but just pressure washed)
    Horizontal application
    Natural look a must – no gloss/shine

    Looking for a sealer that will inhibit STAINS (from leaves, tires, mildew, etc)


  15. Shane says:

    Semi gloss

  16. George says:

    1. Missouri
    2. Exterior
    3. Vertical and horizontal (concrete step leading into house)
    4. No change of appearance
    5. Concrete step leading into house

  17. Robin says:

    I'm in Arizona
    It's exterior
    I don't understand the difference between vertical or horizontal application
    I want the wet look
    It's outdoor patio walkway pavers

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Try Supreme Shield Sb-600 for a wet look with no shine. If you want a shine and a wet look, try the Super Seal 25 paver sealer.

  18. Sue says:

    Aggregate patio
    Want brown tint and gloss wet look

  19. Norma says:

    Central Wisconsin
    Interior – Garage floor – new contrete, but has no pitch and no floor drain! AND
    Exterior – concrete steps at front entry to house (vertical & horizontal)
    Appearance may be altered as needed to achieve best results
    Do I need 2 different sealers to achieve optimum protection?
    Thank you so much for your expertise!

  20. Ian says:

    1. Live in North Carolina (along the coast)
    2. Two types of concrete – house is on pilings, so area under house is very smooth concrete, and driveway NOT protected by house is brushed concrete.
    3. Horizontal application
    4. Prefer no change of appearance
    5. Driveway

  21. Terry salyers says:

    What is the best sealer to use on new concrete?

  22. Davo says:

    1-California, -L.A. -Studio City / Valley Village neighborhood
    3-HORIZONTAL- all new flooring , all poured colored concrete
    5- type- Poured Concrete Colored with a light broom finish ,color from Davis Concrete Color Chart Sivershadow 860 Iron Oxide tru tone box ready high intesity natural black powder mix with portland cement .Locations all for inground pool coping , pool deck, all patios & walkways + side of homes & small portion of front yard.

  23. Joe says:

    4-No change in appearance
    5-Brick chimney (new)

  24. Annette McGarry says:

    1. Illinois
    2. Exterior
    3. Vertical and Horizontal
    4. Gloss look do not care if the color changes
    5. outdoor Steps leading to house.

  25. Dom says:

    No gloss or shine, slightly darker appearance
    Protection from icing

  26. Chuck says:

    Live in Florida
    Exterior surface
    Horizontal application
    Wet look/ gloss
    Decorative landscape curbing
    Water based sealer

  27. Jules Schubert says:

    Louisiana, exterior, horizontal, no change to appearance, driveway & sidewalk. Would like to prevent mildewing & associated darkening splotches especially beneath areas where vehicles are parked. Cleaning requires aggressive pressure washing removing cement which has exposed some rock. Surfaces are recently pressure washed clean & bright. What should I apply that would extend the time between power washing & aggressiveness of power washing?

  28. Andy says:

    1. What State do you live in? Ohio

    2. Interior or Exterior concrete surface? Exterior

    3. Vertical or Horizontal application? Horizontal

    4. Change or enhance appearance (gloss or wet look) or no change of appearance? Wet Look/Gloss

    5. Type of surface: Stamped Concrete Patio, brick pattern

  29. Richard l simpson says:

    1. California
    2. Exterior
    3. Horizontal
    4. Gloss or wet look
    5. Stamped Concrete Patio

  30. Tera Bruce says:

    Porch is under a covered patio. I don't want it to be slick but want a little sheen
    Textured covered patio

  31. Michele says:

    Los Angeles area.
    Wet look
    New stamped colored concrete

  32. Bob says:

    1. What State do you live in? Pennsylvania

    2. Interior or Exterior concrete surface? Exterior

    3. Vertical or Horizontal application? Horizontal

    4. Change or enhance appearance (gloss or wet look) or no change of appearance? no change

    5. Type of surface examples: covered concrete patio

  33. Jim Tanner says:

    1. Florida
    2. Exterior
    3. Horizontal
    4. No change
    5. Lanai slab
    Looking to seal the concrete slab and the joint between the slab and the aluminum lanai enclosure.

  34. Lori says:

    mild gloss/sheen
    concrete driveway

  35. Lynn says:

    No Change
    Concrete Driveway, two concrete patios with concrete stairs
    Looking for a long lasting, defense against road chemicals, freeze thaw cracking

  36. Anthony S DelGiudice says:

    Rhode Island
    Paver patio (surrounds the built in pool)

  37. Mike l says:

    Looking for a non bubbling exterior acrylic to use on stamped concrete.
    Wet look
    Colored stamped concrete

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      do you already have a sealer on the stamped concrete that has bubbled?

      • Michelle Katz says:

        Hello – I'm having the same issue. I just had my entire back patio stamped and stained to look like wood. The guy told me he would need to come back in a month to reseal and make sure the stain was protected. He's been back 3 times to reseal and each application of his chemical based sealer bubbles and looks terrible and I'm beginning to think my deck is ruined. Last round he used xylene as a sealer and it bubbled, again. My friend is a contractor and he's recommending to have it fixed using a water based sealer – is this an option? If so, which would you recommend and is it something that can go on top of the chemical sealer and hopefully fix the problem?

        • Concrete Sealer Help says:

          FYI, xylene is a solvent, not a sealer. You cannot add another product on top of this issue to fix. It needs to be chemically stripped of the coatings first so it is down to the bare concrete. After it is stripped, do a final prep with a general concrete cleaner degreaser. Once fully removed, try the Masonry Saver Decorative Concrete sealer. For the stripper, we use Clemons Concrete Sealer Stripper. You may need to strip a few times to remove the 3 layers.

  38. Mike says:

    Garage Floor
    newly poured floor

  39. Lisa says:

    Horizontal front porch & angled driveway
    No change of appearance
    Textured Cement (with small pebbles) – we get lots of moss and algae growing on all cement surfaces

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Lisa, is this an exposed aggregate type surface? For a general purpose water repellent, look at Super Seal-M or Masonry Saver Heavy Duty.

  40. Philip says:

    Looking to reduce the water seeping and fertilizer staining on my aggregate driveway.

    1. What State do you live in? Texas
    2. Interior or Exterior concrete surface? Exterior
    3. Vertical or Horizontal application? Horizontal (steep driveway)
    4. Change or enhance appearance (gloss or wet look) or no change of appearance? No change preferred. Some low gloss wet is acceptable.
    5. Type of surface examples: Driveway (Aggregate)

  41. Gene says:

    I've got old red Saltillo tile on my patio.

  42. Penny Richardson says:


  43. Bob says:

    Florida exterior vertical no change block columns cement lentils

  44. Concrete Sealer Help says:

    Try Super Seal-M or Masonry Saver Heavy Duty Water Repellent.

  45. Concrete Sealer Reviews says:

    Try Super Seal-M or Masonry Saver Heavy Duty Water Repellent.

  46. Peter says:

    Wet Look
    Paver Patio (Nantucket Berkshire)

    Last year in August I applied Supreme Shield SB 600 on this patio, partially based on the high rating on this site. It looked great for 3 days, although I thought it was surprisingly glossy. Then we had a very light rain and white spots appeared immediately, albeit only in small areas at first. Now, 8 months later, the patio looks almost uniformly horrible. The only part that looks ok-ish is a 10-inch strip along the side of the house where the patio is somewhat sheltered from rain. Everywhere else the sealer basically peeled off, as if someone had tried to remove it with sand paper and given up halfway through the process. In many places I can scrape off the sealer with my fingernails. There is only very light foot traffic on this patio.

    I am not exactly sure what to expect from a "penetrating" sealer, but if I had to guess I'd say the problem is that this sealer failed to penetrate the pavers.

    Obviously I'll have to remove what remains of the Supreme Shield and apply a different sealer — I am thinking water based this time. I'd be grateful for any suggestions, both on how best to remove the Supreme Shield and on what sealer to choose for my next attempt. Thanks!

    • Concrete Sealer Help says:

      Supreme Shield is a penetrating sealer and does not peel or show gloss when done correctly. The only way this could possibly happen is if it was applied over top of another sealer or excessively over applied resulting in the sealer not being able to penetrate. Strip and remove all coatings with Clemons Concrete Sealer Stripper. You might want to contact Clemons for advice on what happened to the Supreme Shield.

      • Peter says:

        Thanks for the response! I used a little over a gallon of Supreme Shield on 120sqft of pavers, and this was the first sealer applied to the pavers since they were installed. Of course I don't know what happened to the pavers before I bought them that might have prevented the penetration. You're right, I should contact Clemons and the manufacturer of the pavers for advice.

        If I wanted to try a water based sealer after I clean up the Supreme Shield, which brand would you suggest?

  47. Paul says:

    1. Eastern WA (dry, temperate, desert climate; some ice in winter, much heat in summer);
    2. Exterior. 3. Horizontal.
    4. Looks do not matter – whichever lasts the longest. No change or wet appearance is fine.
    5. Poured concrete driveway.

  48. Tony Honeycutt says:

    North Carolina
    Wet look
    Stamped concrete

    This will be a follow on application after one Year. The previous application was Super Diamond Clear on new stamped concrete. I am looking for what should be applied over that application.

  49. Terry says:

    Satin finish to protect from stains and give a more finished appearance for a tavern floor

  50. mike says:

    Walls/ Pillars

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